Don’t you love it when someone you know, someone you have known for a long time does something great? Well, I do and this someone is Tara Miller. She bravely opened up the Health Hut Boutique and Online store all on her own. If you cottage in Muskoka then you most certainly need to stop by her store in Port Carling. It’s the perfect spot to recharge with some non-toxic, luxurious beauty and health products. It’s also just adorable to look at and the scent of lavender is so welcoming.



After learning more about the products that she has to offer and the benefits of using them, it was impossible to walk away without picking something up to try. One line that had caught my eye was Ta Ta Harper. After reading rave reviews of this line which originated in Vermont that features only 100% natural products, I was tempted to try. I picked up the Replenishing Nutrient Complex and I have to say, it’s pretty phenomenal. It’s a little pricey for my usual skin care routine however if there is something to invest it, it should be the skin you’re in.


What type of skin care products do you rave about?


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