So February has been just okay right?

I mean, winter is winter and we have to deal with it but have you heard about Mercury being in retrograde? I just don’t feel like I fully have it all together these days and feel a bit off. I realize that some call this the winter blues but I don’t think that’s just it. I had all of these really cute and fun DIY plans, cookie baking and cocktail concocting and they just never came to fruition. Now looking back, I can’t even tell you why. Time just simply passed and now the day is here! Better start penning my valentines. I guess not eating a dozen heart-shaped cookies is a good thing right?
Normally on Valentine’s Day, Andrew and I book reservations somewhere but this year, we’re making dins together (pizza to be exact), relaxing with some nice wine and tuning into the anticipated Season 2 of House of Cards. What else could you really ask for? I’m thinking that this long weekend will cure whatever is going on so cheers to a long weekend and a Happy Valentine’s Day all!


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