I’m not a fan of football. Andrew, on the other hand is and I’ve spent more Sundays than I would have liked with the the game on (full disclosure – I went to my first NFL game this past year and it wasn’t all that bad, they served wine and live sports is really never that bad). That being said – I’m not one to turn down an afternoon of snacking and cocktails while I can flip through a mag while he watches the game and I want to see Bruno Mars preform, love that guy. I came across this recipe from Miss Martha and thought that I would test them out so I could perfect them for this Sunday. They were really easy and really applicable for any gathering that includes guys.
1. On a lightly floured work surface, roll out pastry sheet into a square.
2. Cut pastry into 4×4 inch squares using a ruler (who has a ruler in their kitchen? I used my tape measure!)
3. Place a bit of mustard on the lower half of the square and place cooked sausage in the middle, rolling into the pastry.
4. Cut sausages on an angle and brush with egg on top and sprinkle either poppy seed or flaky salt.
Pop into an oven preheated at 400° for about 25 minutes and sit back and enjoy your magazine or I mean your game!


p.s. my sausages were way over done! Since they are going to be baking while in the oven with the pastry – I recommend not fully cooking them before hand.

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