Did you watch the Oscars last night? There were some great dresses, jewels and speeches and even though I’m not normally a *huge* fan of awards shows, I felt that this year more than previous they were more interesting. Loving the fact that they got rid of the mani-cam and props to the ladies who encouraged the motion behind #askhermore. This weekend was a snowy one and Andrew and I attempted a mini-marathon of best picture films. Below are a couple snacks of things that made me happy over the past week.

DSC_0013  :: Some new fringe to add to the new wardrobe! ::
DSC_2005 :: A simple yet tasty pasta – rigatoni with roasted garlic, tomatoes and capers with pesto ::

:: A new leaf in on my fiddle fig plant – I thought this guy was a goner, happy it’s going to be around a little while longer ::

DSC_0005 :: Some double date night details {Earrings + Camisole} :

DSC_0012 :: Bringing back the crepes into our Sunday brunch schedule ::


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