LuciaMphoto15_ElImparcial_067 One of my favourite things to do is to try a new restaurant. It’s easily one of my coveted parts about living in our city of Toronto and of travelling. The constant flow of new places opening up, trying them out and then making them a part of our life’s routine if we love them. I enjoy the new spin on classics and recipe innovations but what really gets me going is the decor. There’s just something to be said for spending time with family and friends in a beautiful dining setting. I came across this beautiful new restaurant, El Imparcial, in Madrid (a place that is most definitely on my list of places to visit) over on Rue Magazine. I love that it plays with so many different design elements including urban, industrial, classic and modern all at once and it makes magic.

LuciaMphoto15_ElImparcial_069 LuciaMphoto15_ElImparcial_003 LuciaMphoto15_ElImparcial_043 LuciaMphoto15_ElImparcial_096 LuciaMphoto15_ElImparcial_018

Photos via: Rue Magazine II Photography by: Lucia Photography


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