As you may have read, I’ve recently made some changes to our little kitchen here in our loft and while I am dying to properly take some pics and share with you, I’m holding out for the final piece de resistance – a new light fixture. When I took an internship last Spring, I learned many things but one really important  thing I learned about was scale. After sharing some pics of our loft with my mentor and friend, Lisa Canning – she quickly pointed out that our little IKEA chandelier that we had in the kitchen was not up to scale and suggested we find one that was larger in size. With the mini-reno in the back of my mind, I figured we would make that update at the same time and I wasn’t in love with the chandelier we currently have anyways – it was from our previous apartment. Fast forward a couple of months and now, it’s the final piece we are waiting to put in place. In the meantime however, I randomly thought of a quick way to update our existing, albeit small, chandelier.

BEFORE // DSC_0005 DSC_0004

The traditional chandelier lightbulbs in action – super typical and fine.


Round opaque bulbs are much more fun! They add a more modern feel and this may just be the cheapest update I’ve ever done.  DSC_0008


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