Christmas is only 3 days away! I can’t believe how quickly it has come upon us. I have completed all of my shopping and am feeling in a good place – I just need to finish up a couple of days of work and pack and I will be heading home to Ottawa for the holidays – can’t wait!


Lucky me – there was extra boxwood greenery hanging around our office and thought to myself that it would be perfect opportunity to make my own wreath which I had been wanting to do for a while. It appeared easy enough and I quickly went to my local florist who was so kind to sell me some to their floral wire (it was the only thing I was missing!).


Supplies: Boxwood Greenery,ribbon, bells, wire, another assortment of greenery and pretty much anything else that you would like to add to your Christmas Wreath


Select pieces of your boxwood greenery that have a little bit of stem to them (or remove some of the leaves to create some stem). Stems help make a nice line of greenery that you will then turn into a circle and will also help make the wreath even.


Use the floral wire to keep the pieces of box wood together and continuing this process until you have your desired length. Green wire is key so you don’t have to be too concerned about it showing.


So the fun thing about making wreaths is that they don’t have to look perfect nor do they need to be perfectly round! After you have made your circle, just continue to add greenery where ever you find holes.


I thought that by add a little pine was fun – just to mix it up a bit!


I also added bells and some cranberries and chose to opt out of the usual ribbon (even though I do love ribbon) for a more natural look.


The last step is to find a place in your home to place it – easy as that!



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