Yay! It’s the Friday before our first summer-ish long weekend! So exciting that this time has finally come and the weather is seeming to cooperate. We’re headed north for a couple of days and spending one in the city, relaxing in our homestead.

We currently don’t have a dining room. Our kitchen is basically in our living room and vice versa but it works just fine for now since we are on a house hunt which is super exciting! But also disheartening. The real estate market is absurd, competitive and annoying but we are working with a great agent and our dreams aren’t fully crushed yet ha! Anyways, one day, I can’t wait to have a dining room – a place for friends and family to congregate together for delicious meals and copious amounts of wine. One thing however, I didn’t realize before getting into interior design, was the pricing and importance of dining room chairs. They ain’t cheap! But if you are investing in your home and more specifically your dining room – the chairs are a great way to add some interest. Like any form of decor – there are some beauties and there are some seriously bad ones… I’ve compiled a goodies for you to peruse. Have a great one!!

Dining Room Chairs

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