It’s a new week! And it’s a busy one – an event that I’m on the committee for is this evening and I’m pretty excited – nothing like a Monday night event to start the week off right! It’s also my main man, Andrew’s birthday and we are headed to try out a new restaurant that we’ve been meaning to and then I also get to take little work trip to NYC which I’m really looking forward to.

This past weekend I hosted a fun little get together with some girlfriends inspired by the changing of seasons and a little spring cleaning. It was about time I scoured my closet and got rid of the pieces that I always look at and think “Oh yeah, I will wear that again…maybe….” This time around, I got ruthless and said goodbye to more pieces than ever before. I get some what attached to my clothing and always want them to go to a good home which is what inspired the little party. Below are some tips on hosting your own clothing swap with girlfriends should you be so inclined:

Tip #1 – Merchandise your items. This part actually allowed me to live my dream of one day owning my own store. All you need is a rolling rack which I picked up at IKEA for just $12.99.

DSC_0051 Tip #2 – Layout some snacks and serve some cocktails.


Tip #3 – Allow furry friends! This is Charlie and I was so happy to spend some time with him before he jet sets to San Fran!


Tip # 4 – Well, this isn’t really a tip but when you invite incredibly thoughtful people, sometimes that bring you a little something like these delicious two-bite brownies that were delicious and I need to share the recipe once I get it from her!



Have a great week!


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