Travel Chapter // Baby Moon en Paris!

Travel is at the top of my list of favourites in life. I’m not sure what else can be so fulfilling and it’s best alongside my partner in crime, A. I’d be lying if I said I’m not concerned that our travel-filled life will be changing dramatically with our plus one and how parents tell me to not even bother with it. It’s too much work. I’ll be the judge of that, I say! (I’m sure I’ll look back on this months into motherhood and be like yes, don’t bother) but for now I rest my rose-coloured glasses on my eyes. We did have quite the special trip to cap off our “traveling before babies” which brought us to Paris for a couple nights solo and then a wonderful gathering of friends in a villa in the South of France for a week.


A being the best guy in the world that he is, had a little surprise for me which he shared with me as we were having lunch before jetting off to Paris. He knows that I love photos, and he happily obliges to take many of me, and takes his role of Instagram Husband seriously but it’s always a shame that typically the photos of the two of us are selfies like the one above. Sometimes its cute and other times I just wish I brought my tri-pod for my cam (I’m sorry, I refuse to use the selfie-stick). SO, he found a photographer and scheduled a session to capture this moment in time, me pregnant and our time together in Paris. He was a little nervous because he also knows I’m a little picky with pictures and since we weren’t able to bring our fave photographers (Tara and Barb from our wedding!) we didn’t really know who we would be dealing with.


The best part about the whole deal? We didn’t have to buy the pictures if we hated them so it seemed like a win/win! There were some times where she (the photographer) would suggest some corny, cringe-worthy poses so we simple shared that we were hoping for some more natural looking poses. I was so happy that he planned this, it’s so nice to look back at them already and I know I’ll cherish them and our trip in the future. I’m already trying to scheme my way back to Paris though, I LOVED it, obviously. I also need to update a couple chapters of travel including the most amazing time in Morocco!

anma1608051000-everphotoshoot-118 anma1608051000-everphotoshoot-17 anma1608051000-everphotoshoot-100 anma1608051000-everphotoshoot-126


Packing for France

I am so excited to finally be leaving for our French holiday today and hellooooo August! It felt like it took forever to get here while at the same time, the trip has arrived so suddenly and out of the blue. I spent this past long weekend relaxing, visiting Prince Edward County with my girlfriends and preparing for the trip. Mostly running errands, you know, doing the things you do before you leave for a vacation and it was so very nice to have the holiday Monday for some extra time to spend with Mackie before we leave him. He totally knows we are leaving and it’s the worst. He would look so good in France though, it’s too bad he can’t join us!!

As I’ve mentioned many, many times before, I’m the worst packer but with each trip I try to pack less and less while being more strategic. This time around, I’m not bringing the largest suitcase I own, because we all know what happens there – you just fill it. So I’ve packed with a mid size (in my opinion) with a large amount with neutrals. Since I’m also 6 months pregnant, I have less options to work with (boo!) but this has actually made packing light easier. Also, I’m not really too nervous to forget something since we’re travelling to a very stylish city that I’m sure isn’t too shabby to shop in either.


4 paris of shoes may be the lightest I’ve ever travelled with! Sneaks, of course, I mean who doesn’t travel with a pair these days? I left my white superstars at home because every girl in the world is rocking the white sneak trend so I wanted to switch it up.

Strappy flat sandals to pair with a dress for daytime or night – kept it neutral to go with multiple options.

Beach appropriate flats for our day trips from the villa! These were so cheap and cheerful I wouldn’t even mind if they were to be left behind.

Versatile flats that will translate into evening and could be my “fancier” option.


People say to travel with neutrals when you’re trying to make more with less and although that may seem like an obvious statement I never really consciously did this until recently.

Rolling Another tried and true tip that really allows you to pack in more.


Packing helper, Mackie.


Et voila! I’m off with a smaller suitcase that Andrew and that has NEVER happened before.


A French Holiday


When we realized we were pregnant, a million and one things went through my mind. More like a zillion things but one of them was, and I’m also a little embarrassed to admit it, but the fact that we hadn’t travelled to France yet (there was a long list of things that we hadn’t done yet but you can’t overly plan these things right?!). It had always been on our list and I always envisioned us travelling there sans baby (seems much more chic right? That and travelling with babies from what I can see in airports seems like a nightmare). So right then and there, we made a deal – we were going to holiday France before the babe arrived. I’m thankful for whoever came up with the ridiculous idea of a babymoon – because I’m into it. Sadly, France is in the news for other reasons at the moment which is terrible and gross but we’re travelling with open hearts even in the wake of tragedy. We’re headed out the first week of August and will be spending 4 nights in Paris (I know this isn’t long enough but I’m certain we will be back) and then driving to the South to my design partner’s uncle’s villa. She briefly mentioned it when we first met and I knew I had to go there one day. Just watch the video, and you’ll be booking your stay. We’re lucky to have some friends who are joining us on this adventure and I’m oh so excited to explore with them.

Exterior-14-1024x683 Exterior-131-1024x683 Exterior-9-1024x683 Interior-24-1024x683 Interior-10-1024x683 Exterior-15-1024x683 Exterior-12-1024x683

Source: image of Paris, all other imagery.


Vacation Destination // Villa Palmier


It’s been a real treat these last couple of days, weather wise. It actually feels like summer instead of Spring (hello June!) and mother nature just keeps giving! I have finally taken my summer clothes out of winter hiding and it’s such a relief to wear skirts sans tights. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again the only thing Toronto is missing is the seaside, then we would truly have it all. I came across this stunning vacation home shared by some other bloggers and didn’t want to be overly redundant but it’s just oh-so beautiful not to. Also – perhaps you are planning your honeymoon or romantic getaway to St-Barts? Destination found.


Images via Amber Interiors via Villa Palmier.


Interior Inspiration // Popham Design Offices

So there’s really no reason that I’ve been absent for two weeks from the blog! Life is busy, but it always is, isn’t it? So rather than running through a slew of reasons as to why I’ve been “offline” lets just get back to it, shall we?

Back in February I headed off to Morocco for a styling and photography workshop (which I have yet to share, I’m on it!) which was incredible for so many different reasons but the inspiration for design was endless. One place we visited was the office of Popham Design who create the most amazing custom tiles for clients all over the world. As soon as we entered their offices we all had our cameras in our hands, ready to shoot however Elle Decoration UK had just shot their offices for their magazine and alas photos were off limits to us. Luckily, one of the bloggers on the trip, Cassandra Lavalle from Coco+Kelley (who I’ve followed for years!) noticed that the spread was shared in May’s issue and voila – here it is:


I never thought I would be so into olive green leather chairs so much. It’s also amazing that this tile, while busy and full of lines can still create a simple and serene space.  popham-design-studio3 popham-design-studio4 popham-deisgn-studio-marrakech popham-design-studio5 xx

Images via Coco+Kelley, via ElleDecorationUK

In my bag // Beach Weekend

Miami Beach Weekend

Well the weekend is here and we’re off to South Beach for a mini-getaway. Ironically, it’s also supposed to be beautiful at home however they don’t have the ocean! I love creating these “in my bag posts” because it’s such a great packing guide, I actually refer to previous posts to see what to bring and edit it. I’m constantly trying to become a better packer (serial over packer here) and feel that I’ve progressed slightly since my previous warm vacation trip! It’s all about letting go of options and sticking with the plan. Typically I stick to neutrals but the most adorb sandals have me in a more colourful direction.

1 – Cutest little head band – perfect for keeping back those flyaways and dressing up your standard pulled back in a pony look.

2 – Since we plan on doing very little, it’s always nice to add in a little game or two – preferably something you can do on the beach. Love these pretty paddles to work on your game.

3 – I’m in need of a new bather and since I’m committed to the one-piece, I love the little detail of the scallop here.

4 – Whenever I take in some sun I like to balance it with some serious hydration. I’m starting trying out this sheet mask which will hopefully transition my sunning into a little glow.

5 – This is a no brainer, pack your sunnies and I’m still happy with my Celine Caty’s.

6 – Consider this a PSA that there are some SUPER affordable and SUPER cute summer items at Old Navy. I literally haven’t stepped into a store since high school perhaps but these shorts brought me in, SO CUTE! Can’t wait to wear them.

7 – In the heat I always prefer a glass for some colour on the lips, not really sure why. Perhaps it’s the low maintenance part of perhaps it’s the more translucent part but either way, I love this Rosy colour from Bobbi Brown.

8 – These sandals are like fun on your feet! And with their fab price point, you can’t go wrong.

9 – I love Rhi Rhi, and I’m sad to have missed her tour in Toronto but I’m excited to catch up on her spread in April’s issue of Vogue.


Interior Inspiration // South Beach, Miami


Get me out from under this gray cloud that has been above our heads for weeks! I said something of the sorts to A and he (who usually doesn’t always agree with me) nodded his head and felt the same desire for some sun. Using some of our points – we booked a last minute(ish) trip to South Beach next weekend! And I couldn’t be more excited about it!!!!!!! We have been to South Beach many times before – long ago, A’s boss had a condo that she would lend to us multiple times a year and we took full advantage. Sure, there’s the “typical” South Beach cheesiness – the beyond plastic surgery, the showy cars and quasi celebrities, but we have our go-to places that we enjoy and I can’t wait to explore other things that South Beach has to offer like the The Wynwood Walls. While we are still landing on our accommodations, I came across this cool hotel called The Surfcomber – it’s unexpectedly funky in the sometimes sleek and art deco centric designed places. Wherever we end up, we will definitely taking a peek at their lobby.

SurfComberMiami-6 SurfComberMiami-7 SurfComberMiami-10 SurfComberMiami-13 SurfComberMiami-15 SurfComberMiami-16 SurfComberMiami

All images via // Photography by Andrea Posadas

Marrakech Memories

I’ve been back from my trip for only a day and a bit but I’m seriously missing the magic that is Marrakech. It’s incredible how every place I travel to is my new favourite place but I really do think that Marrakech tops the list. It’s exotic, completely different than North America, mystical and beautiful! I could seriously go on and on forever. I’ve taken so many wonderful photos with my large camera but in the effort to share a sliver of what I’ve taken I’m sharing some shots I took from my iPhone. I’ll dive deeper into more details of the workshop I attended and share places we went but for now, feast your eyes on these.

IMG_0603 :: The beautiful blue of Le Jardin Majorelle ::
IMG_0621 :: Rug shopping!!! Such a highlight and if you follow me on Snapchat (username: kellylynn_a) – you’ve seen a sneak peek as they arrived yesterday!!!! :: IMG_0635 :: Beauty behind every door and around every corner :: IMG_0615 :: Grabbing lunch at a cute cafe :: IMG_0496 :: We visited this amazing tile factory that had the MOST amazing office that we couldn’t snap because it’s being shared in Elle Decor which no doubt I’ll be sharing on here once it’s out :: IMG_0554 :: A magical dinner setting :: IMG_0504 :: Tiles! :: DSC_0007 :: Arched doorways for life :: IMG_0539 :: Rose colours buildings ::


Travel Chapter :: Melbourne, Australia

DSC_0018 This was my second time visiting Melbourne, Australia and I only fell more in love with the city. My brother and his wife moved there 6 years ago and about 2 years ago A and I agreed that we would be spending Christmas 2015 in the sun. I’m used to travelling for the holidays but had never been across the ocean and I was scared Santa wouldn’t find me! (jokessss) What isn’t a joke though, is the flight and with the aforementioned unexpected layover, it felt even longer. From a larger perspective, it’s not all that bad and it’s worth it. My mom asks me all the time how we make it through and my response is always movies and sleeping pills. IMG_8862 :: This beautiful store called Husk – it was merchandized so well I wanted to move in  :: 

We really wanted to beat jet lag once we landed so we tried to keep ourselves busy to go to sleep at a normal hour. Our gracious hosts, my brother and his wife, took us to this cute neighbourhood called Albert Park to catch some rays, grab a bite and do a little shopping. Sounds pretty ideal right? I absolutely love what the Australians have to offer in regards to shopping – just love it!

IMG_8864 :: More Husk Love :: IMG_8886 Apparently the big thing to do on Boxing Day is to go to the Chricket! We had never been and it’s difficult to get tickets. You need to be a member and people are on the waiting lists for 20+ years – seriously! Luckily we had a friend help us out – I wish I had a picture of us there because we looked cute! There’s a dress code and everything however we had to leave early due to this stupid sickness A and I both were dealing with.

Portsea! Mornington Peninsula! Amazingness. Luckily, A and I got over our illness just in time for our little beach trip. Last time we were visiting Australia, we had a couple little trips on the side but this time around we only had one but it was a good one. The Mornington Peninsula is a quick trip south of Melbourne and I would go as far as saying it’s a must if you can. The beaches and sights were incredible and even as a tourist, I could see the value in making the extra little trip there versus the city beaches.  IMG_8893 :: Us! :: IMG_8905 :: Visited this quaint little gin distillery called Bass and Flinders – delicious ::
IMG_8908 :: Cute decor :: IMG_8911 :: Amazing little cafe in Sorrento (beside Portsea) :: IMG_8913 :: Followed by awesome shopping at Seed :: IMG_8917

 :: Our usual set up at the beach :: DSC_0016

:: Squad :: DSC_0005

:: Cute Bath Houses :: IMG_8959

:: Beautiful store called Coastal Living where I wanted EVERYTHING :: IMG_8932

:: Delicious food at the Portsea Hotel including their pizza! :: IMG_8946 (1) :: Sunsets ::   IMG_8960 DSC_0006 DSC_0012 IMG_9948 Wine Tour time!  IMG_9960
IMG_9897 :: Perhaps the most amazing salmon sashimi ::

IMG_9891 :: Festive Flinder’s Station ::
IMG_9997 :: Cool neighbourhood – Fitzroy ::
IMG_9733 :: New Year’s Eve Brunch with Sara at Sandbar :: IMG_9915

:: The National Gallery of Victoria ::  IMG_9918


:: Interacting with the exhibit ::

It was an amazing trip and I only wish we had more time there. There are so many other things we wanted to do but also wanted to have some down/chill time. Can’t wait to get back there already.

DSC_0141 IMG_0031

Shopped: Husk, Coastal Living, Seed, Country Road, Witchery, David Jones

Ate/Drank: Sake Sushi, Merrywell, Soumah, Industry Beans, The Botanical, Boatbuilders Yard, The Vincent, Portsea Pub, Sandbar, The Meatball and Winebar, Chin Chin 

Did: National Gallery of Victoria, Yarra Valley Wine Tour, Royal Botanical Gardens, South Melbourne Market, 


Travel Chapter // Victoria, B.C.

If you ever asked A or I which coast of Canada has our heart, we would both respond the East Coast! in a heartbeat. It’s where we met, attended University and lived post school – we were young, wild and free! All that being said, I had never been to the west coast of Canada before and after a recent visit, its really hard to chose just one! Victoria was really beautiful and charmed us beyond belief. We were visiting with A’s sister who played the most gracious hostess (like there were any doubts).

SEE // Victoria is a great, small, city! It’s easy to walk around everywhere which is awesome and there are plenty of places to check out. We visited some beautiful parks and the most obvious destination – the sea side. There was this long walk along the coast filled with doggies, wish Mackie was there. We also fed some seals which were really cool (see video below!). DSC_0004

::Andrew and my sister-in-law, Mairi :: DSC_0011

:: Little scene at aforementioned park :: DSC_0007

:: Seriously huge leaves! :: DSC_0013

:: A cool van and the ocean :: DSC_0014

:: Quite the view! :: DSC_0024 :: Where I picked up a piece of driftwood as a souvenir :: DSC_0027 IMG_8484

:: Insane green, lushness :: IMG_8488

:: Harbourside lunch ::

EAT // I don’t have many food or restaurant pics since I lost the when I got a new phone but here’s a quick rundown if you are planning a trip! We tried the Steamship by the water for happy hour and buck a shuck which was to die for. We had a LOVELY dinner at the 10 Acres which truly supports the farm to table movement and it was mild enough to even sit on their patio. For brunch we went to this awesome spot called Bubby’s Kitchen in Cook Street Village (where we stayed) and then Jam Cafe which was also really wicked.

:: We were able to feed the CUTEST seals!!! ::


 ::I mean, look at their faces! ::
IMG_8497 IMG_8498 Hope to see you again soon, Victoria!


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