2015-01-26_10-24-46  T3 Featherlight 2

This year, I’m all about up’ing my beauty game, apparently. As I recently shared, I received the Clarisonic for Christmas and simultaneously over the holidays my hair dryer died. That’s never happened to me before! Usually I lose it during travel or I’m looking I need to upgrade the styling accessories that come with it but it just died in my hands mid blow-out. Kind of sad and dramatic actually! So after doing a little research and reading up on what my go-to beauty advisors had to say, I decided on pulling on the trigger on the cadillac of all hair dryers – the T3 Featherlight 2. The Beauty Department had some great info including a glossary which really came in handy and I would reference them if you are ever in the market.

This dryer came with a whole lot of claims including a 73% reduction in frizz that I was more than skeptical about but I have to say, I did noticed a difference. This is coming from someone who normally heads to their local Shoppers Drug Mart and picked up the cheapest dryer that comes with the diffuser attachment. I’m sure there are a number of different reasons as to why I noticed less frizz that are quite technical but all I can say is that instead of blowing my hair around in any which direction (even with the styling accessory that is supposed to prevent this!) – the T3 somehow avoided that certainly reduced the amount of flyaways.

When you think of making investments in your beauty routine, I guess you really have to think about the cost per use and since you generally use your dyer at least once a week that overall number shrinks quite dramatically. I’m happy I made the choice I did!


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