Valentine’s Day, while not for everyone, is a bright little spark in the otherwise spark-less month of February for me. I understand why people may not be into the holiday since it can at times, seem ridiculous and silly yet I’m into the charm and cheesiness of it. I’ll take any excuse to make heart shaped toast in the morning and snuggle a little closer to my guy and now our babe! Also, the colours of this holiday are the best. Pink as a colour is really having a moment (from bathrooms to handbags!) these days and I’m fully supportive of this (in the correct shade and doses I should add). Below are some items that can either be a cute gift to yourself or your lover!

1 – A feminine blouse for dinner, perhaps?

2 – Lacey bra in the prettiest pink.

3 – Neon heart shaped light is fun for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

4 – OK so it’s not pink but it looks great with it! This rust coloured coat is unexpectedly pretty.

5 – A stunning arrangement, the how-to can be seen here.

6 – I love this bucket bag and the fact that it’s available in many colours including blush makes it all the more appealing.

7 – Again, not pink but velvet booties can be romantic!

8 – Add a little love to your sofa with this pink throw from EQ3’s Spring collection.

9 – If you follow me in on Insta Stories, you’d have seen that I have discovered this amazing new dusty rose/nude from Bare Minerals.

10 – Let them eat cake! This cake is just pretty and will make any date night sweeter.

11 – I’m not typically a phone case person but this one is just sweet.

12 – Last minute gift for your love? Tonic Blooms is offering The Rosie and can be delivered efficiently with their free two-hour delivery within the “on-demand” zone. Their delivery also includes a free bag of Squish gummies.

13 – Pretty delicates because Valentine’s Day.


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