It’s really odd how I never got around to doing this earlier since we completed our kitchen almost a year ago now (gasp!) and I am now fully moved into our new home, but I figured it was worth the share anyhow.


So, as you can see from the before photos the kitchen was totally functional and fine. But who wants to live in a kitchen that is “fine” – not I! After getting my start in the design industry I felt like things started bothering me that never bothered me before. Like a faucet – I don’t think I’ve ever really noticed a kitchen faucet and now I’m super into them! Also, can we talk about the espresso brown cabinetry?? Just the worst and yet so many buildings put them in (hopefully less now than before!).


I had always wanted an all white kitchen however we had a small budget for this kitchen. We knew that we wouldn’t be here forever and just really wanted a facelift more than an overhaul. Since we realized we wouldn’t be replacing the appliances (I didn’t hate the black anyhow!) I thought it may be a good idea to contrast white cabinetry with black for the island and lower cabinetry so it went cohesively with the lower level.

DSC_0003 DSC_0006

Lets also talk about my “chandelier”. You’ve all seen this light from IKEA in many spaces and I previously owned it and thought to myself, sure lets put it up here! It’s visibly too small in scale with the size of our bar/eating area and after Lisa Canning pointed that me it bugged the hell out of me and knew it had to go!



IMG_0441 IMG_0458 IMG_0445

As you can see, just resurfacing the cabinetry made all the difference. I love how the additional storage on top now didn’t look misplaced and it flowed much more naturally than with the espresso brown. I’m also in love with the black faucet as it’s a natural extension from the black granite countertop but also contrasts with our neutral backsplash enough to make a statement. I wanted to bring this guy with me so bad to our new place but couldn’t. I may just have to purchase it again!

Overall, I was super happy with our transformation and would often look to our kitchen from our couch and just be thrilled with the removal of that espresso brown. I highly recommend resurfacing if the function of the space is working for you. Over at Elsie and Kel’s blog – we’ll soon be sharing another project that took this approach and the before and afters are wicked. Can’t wait to share!


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