Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend – I sure had the best one yet for 2014.
I had a weekend full of celebrations for turning another year older. January is a hard time for birthdays, generally people are burnt out from the holidays and are either hibernating or swearing off celebrating for a while but I’m learning to love the timing of my birthday! I’m happy to let the good times roll after Christmas and my fianc√© certainly made it special.

One of my birthday celebrations was treating myself to a day at the spa which included a facial. I used to think that they were silly. I mean, I could cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize my face without having to fork up the dough but what I discovered is that you can actually learn from them. Putting aside the fact that they may be pushing their spa’s products on you, I’m always interested in hearing what they have to say while my skin is under the magnifying glass. I realized that I have been using the incorrect moisturizer (and tinted moisturizer!) this whole time. It’s kind of embarrassing because I have worked in a skin care store, also with skin care – yet I never realized that there were differently based moisturizers, oil and water. I also learned that this may be the reason why around 4:00pm in the afternoon, my face would feel a little extra oily, more specifically my T-zone. Since winter is such a crucial time for adding moisture to your skin, I felt the urgency to up up my routine.

I skipped the spa line of skin care and then set out to find a new moisturizer that is based with water. I like to use brands that can be found within the drugstore because when you are in a pinch, you know that they will be there for you! Paying attention to ingredients and wanting something that included natural elements (also keeping in mind my age) – I went home with some products from Korres. It was a bit of a risk since I barely knew anything about the brand and it wasn’t a cheap purchase. I opted for a Antiaging & Antiwrinkle Firming Face serum, Antiaging & Antiwrinkle Mattifying Fluid Texture Lotion and heavier cream for the evening, Greek Youghurt Moisturizing Face Cream.
I’ve been really pleased with these products. I was nervous that using both the serum, lotion and then my tinted moisturizer on top of it all would leave me with the same problem I have been having. I enjoy that they are fragrant but it’s very subtle. Yes, they are a bit pricey but if you are going to invest in something, I think your face should be up there.

So tell me, what is your winter skin care routine? Any tips?


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