06-11-15-ht-Alicia-Lund-1 You  know those girls. You look at them read: check them out and immediately are drawn to them and are wanting to know more about them. They seem cool, have great effortless style and you immediately get lost scrolling all the way to the beginning of their online “time” to see what they are all about. When I first came across the blogger Alicia from Cheetah is the New Black, that was me. I thought she was different from the rest (you know, the typical ones with the basic looks and staple poses) and then I came across her place on RueMag.com. It was super cool to see inside her home and how she designed it. I feel like my style is very all over the place. I’m sometimes preppy, edgey, girly and minimalist all at once (I’m working on that) but when I saw Alicia’s place I loved how I could see her in it. It was a great source of inspiration for my place which is seemingly always in progress. Enjoy!
MG_3677-AliciaLund MG_3472-AliciaLund MG_3485-AliciaLund MG_3606-AliciaLund MG_3575-AliciaLund MG_3542-AliciaLund MG_3558-AliciaLund MG_3556-AliciaLund


All photos via RueMag // Photography by Michelle Drewes


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