Designing and decorating your home is really a luxury. It’s fun, it’s frustrating but sometimes even more so, it’s friggin expensive. Before A and I moved into our loft, we kept most of the furniture we acquired from our previous years. We would have purchased them while we were in school, or shortly thereafter and so they aren’t really investment pieces and we are slowly updating items to items that we love and are realizing how expensive it can get. There is something to be said for nice, well designed and inexpensive items and I will never be above them. I recently came across some chic and reasonably priced pieces from non-other than Home Depot. That’s right – don’t eliminate it off your shopping list after you’ve picked up your tools, there’s some real shopping to do there on and offline. Check em out below!



ONE – A neutral runner that will fit within any space.

TWO – A great metal to add to any kitchen. Timeless.

THREE – I love the brass on the inside.

FOUR – I love storage bins. They are the best way to hide clutter quickly.

FIVE – Love these pulls!

SIX – Love the weave with the marble and black.

SEVEN – Clean and minimalistic. Perfect in either a really simple OR busy setting.

EIGHT – Industrial and fun.

NINE – Never in a million years would I have guessed that this ottoman would be from HD.

TEN – So Scandinavian right?


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