When we realized we were pregnant, a million and one things went through my mind. More like a zillion things but one of them was, and I’m also a little embarrassed to admit it, but the fact that we hadn’t travelled to France yet (there was a long list of things that we hadn’t done yet but you can’t overly plan these things right?!). It had always been on our list and I always envisioned us travelling there sans baby (seems much more chic right? That and travelling with babies from what I can see in airports seems like a nightmare). So right then and there, we made a deal – we were going to holiday France before the babe arrived. I’m thankful for whoever came up with the ridiculous idea of a babymoon – because I’m into it. Sadly, France is in the news for other reasons at the moment which is terrible and gross but we’re travelling with open hearts even in the wake of tragedy. We’re headed out the first week of August and will be spending 4 nights in Paris (I know this isn’t long enough but I’m certain we will be back) and then driving to the South to my design partner’s uncle’s villa. She briefly mentioned it when we first met and I knew I had to go there one day. Just watch the video, and you’ll be booking your stay. We’re lucky to have some friends who are joining us on this adventure and I’m oh so excited to explore with them.

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Source: image of Paris, all other imagery.


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