I could easily think of a million gifts for the ladies and in reality, it makes a much prettier gift guide. As cheesy as Valentine’s Day can be, I do adore it – I think it’s meant to be fun and not to be taking too seriously but when it comes to getting a little something for A, I always have a hard time. We don’t typically go big for this holiday but it is fun to recognize and hang-in together and I still like to get him a little something, a token of appreciate if you will. I figured some other ladies may be in the same situation as me so I’ve rounded up some items I think that any guy would be happy to receive.


1 – A delicious whiskey – A and I are fans of this one since we visited the brewery on our recent trip to Scotland.

2 – Apple Watch – Clearly, this one is a major splurge but if he’s a true techy and would enjoy this toy to no end, you know it’s worth it and there’s actually a financing plan you can opt for (who knew!).

3 – Staycation – I actually recently read in Conde Nast’s Traveler to not call it a romantic weekend as it sets up expectations and such but A and I have done a staycation here in Toronto and loved it! It’s fun to hideaway somewhere just the two of you. image source.

4 – Meat – Ha, as I’m typing this it sounds ridiculous but I know a lot of guys that love their meat. Splurge on a nice piece from a local butcher, one that you both normally wouldn’t go for. image source.

5 – Something Red – Okay so this may fall into the cheesy column but something red to wear on your love date. This sweater is also currently 25% off!

6 – A nice red wine – So if they’re not into whiskey, maybe a nice wine is their poison. A and I just had this bottle the other night and it was delicious.

7 – Some wicked cookwear – OK and this one may not be for everyone but thinking of my friend Scott here who is a master in the kitchen and I’m sure wouldn’t be mad at a new dutch oven.

8 – Cool new kicks – I absolutely LOVE these for guys and although they aren’t A’s style, I’m sure they would make some guy happy.

9 – Cookies!!!! What guy doesn’t love cookies. This a sweet way to show your man that you’re thinking about him without going over the top.

10 – Tickets to a game! I mean if you could score All-Star tickets for this weekend in Toronto even better but really any tickets to any sport they like I imagine would be appreciated. Any live sport can be fun with a little bit of wine in the mix.


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