In previous years, we’ve had smaller apartments or more or less, shorter ceilings, so we figured that this year, we could step up our “tree game” and that’s exactly what we did. We found our tree at Evergreen Brickworks which I found to have a lot of great options and many different varieties. We went for our standard spruce since I knew I wasn’t getting my white tree.


It almost looks neat without anything on it at all. We actually left our tree like this for a couple of days to allow the branches to fall.


Taking a note from Miss Martha, I strung my lights a little differently than in other years. See her how-to here.


Since I had a lot of smaller ornaments I figured that I would a larger ornament out of two. This added more impact and less awkward.


All you need is a metal hook and you’re set!


In my search for a tree-skirt, I found a lot of tacky looking options and this old wool blanket was kicking around and figured that it added a little Canadiana to our tree.


Although my theme of my tree is a gold, green and white, you can’t go without having Santa somewhere.


The finished product! I love how it lights up our living room. Having a tree really helps bring that Christmas magic to life.


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