Over the past year, A and I have been #blessed in the travel department but that doesn’t have me any less excited for the adventure ahead of us. Even though I would consider myself a “traveller” I still have a hard time packing. Every, single, time. I’m a repeat offender of overpacking and it’s just the worst carrying all that extra stuff around. I do believe that real luxury is travelling light. So I’ve decided to document and list out my tips on what to bring as a carry-on as a reminder to myself and perhaps help others that struggle with the same packing syndrome. Since we are travelling to the U.K. and the temperate is roughly similar enough, the next time I pack for a beach style vacation, I’m going to need a beach edition.


1. Large carry-all bag – In all honesty, I’m not a huge fan of the Longchamp Le Pliage Bag. Is it practical? Yes. Is it convenient how it folds up? Yes. Is it worn by every girl/woman in Toronto? Yes. And that’s what kills me but the fact that my go-to Cuyana tote doesn’t have a zipper is what makes me coming back. I’ve lost a make-up bag by throwing my carry on under the seat in front of me (if you’re anything like me, you need to keep it in the seat in front of you for easy access to all the things you’re going to be using throughout the flight) and it fell out without me realizing it. You all know how expensive it is to replace a make up bag. That was the second time I’d done it too.

2. Passport – Well this is just a given but it doesn’t mean I don’t check for it three times before leaving the house.

3. Sleep Accessories – Ugh, I hate that I’ve subcombed to the hideous neck pillow for overnight flights. They have become necessary for me to get any shut eye. Oh and some Ativan and an eye mask (I’m definitely putting a chicer one on my Christmas list – this one was given to me from Air Transat years ago however it’s fitting because we are flying Air Transat again!).

4. Headphones – These headphones are just always with me. Always. I love them and never, ever want to part with them.

5. Freshening Up Face Products – There is nothing worse than getting off a flight and feeling and or looking haggard. We want to walk off just like those super models do! Have you seen Miranda Kerr leaving the airport? I use Burts Bees Facial Towelettes to cleanse my face, Sephora Eye-Make Up remover and Caudalie Hydrating Mist for the face. After a quick snooze they help me feel human and refreshed. Travel-Sized Mascara from Benefit and a little lip colour (along with moisturizer) and my new Summer Scent Roller Ball to help me look and feel pulled together.

6. Hair and Hands Products – Flights are so dry and I’m constantly needing to apply moisturizer and L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream is the best. Oribe Texturizing Spray is perfect for adding volume and a little “mess” to your hair.

7. Clean is cool – A little hand sanitizer for obvious reasons and my Tide to-go stick is always in my purse. A toothbrush and paste for again, obvious reasons and Altoid mints to get that freshness going.

8. Reading Material – I love magazines and wish I could carry 10 of them however two is my limit for weight reasons. I just got my hands on a Kobo from Indigo – first time travelling without the weight of a hardcover and I think I’m going to like it.

9. Sunnies – to cover up your face if you forget all other “freshen up” items 🙂


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