DSC_0018 This was my second time visiting Melbourne, Australia and I only fell more in love with the city. My brother and his wife moved there 6 years ago and about 2 years ago A and I agreed that we would be spending Christmas 2015 in the sun. I’m used to travelling for the holidays but had never been across the ocean and I was scared Santa wouldn’t find me! (jokessss) What isn’t a joke though, is the flight and with the aforementioned unexpected layover, it felt even longer. From a larger perspective, it’s not all that bad and it’s worth it. My mom asks me all the time how we make it through and my response is always movies and sleeping pills. IMG_8862 :: This beautiful store called Husk – it was merchandized so well I wanted to move in  :: 

We really wanted to beat jet lag once we landed so we tried to keep ourselves busy to go to sleep at a normal hour. Our gracious hosts, my brother and his wife, took us to this cute neighbourhood called Albert Park to catch some rays, grab a bite and do a little shopping. Sounds pretty ideal right? I absolutely love what the Australians have to offer in regards to shopping – just love it!

IMG_8864 :: More Husk Love :: IMG_8886 Apparently the big thing to do on Boxing Day is to go to the Chricket! We had never been and it’s difficult to get tickets. You need to be a member and people are on the waiting lists for 20+ years – seriously! Luckily we had a friend help us out – I wish I had a picture of us there because we looked cute! There’s a dress code and everything however we had to leave early due to this stupid sickness A and I both were dealing with.

Portsea! Mornington Peninsula! Amazingness. Luckily, A and I got over our illness just in time for our little beach trip. Last time we were visiting Australia, we had a couple little trips on the side but this time around we only had one but it was a good one. The Mornington Peninsula is a quick trip south of Melbourne and I would go as far as saying it’s a must if you can. The beaches and sights were incredible and even as a tourist, I could see the value in making the extra little trip there versus the city beaches.  IMG_8893 :: Us! :: IMG_8905 :: Visited this quaint little gin distillery called Bass and Flinders – delicious ::
IMG_8908 :: Cute decor :: IMG_8911 :: Amazing little cafe in Sorrento (beside Portsea) :: IMG_8913 :: Followed by awesome shopping at Seed :: IMG_8917

 :: Our usual set up at the beach :: DSC_0016

:: Squad :: DSC_0005

:: Cute Bath Houses :: IMG_8959

:: Beautiful store called Coastal Living where I wanted EVERYTHING :: IMG_8932

:: Delicious food at the Portsea Hotel including their pizza! :: IMG_8946 (1) :: Sunsets ::   IMG_8960 DSC_0006 DSC_0012 IMG_9948 Wine Tour time!  IMG_9960
IMG_9897 :: Perhaps the most amazing salmon sashimi ::

IMG_9891 :: Festive Flinder’s Station ::
IMG_9997 :: Cool neighbourhood – Fitzroy ::
IMG_9733 :: New Year’s Eve Brunch with Sara at Sandbar :: IMG_9915

:: The National Gallery of Victoria ::  IMG_9918


:: Interacting with the exhibit ::

It was an amazing trip and I only wish we had more time there. There are so many other things we wanted to do but also wanted to have some down/chill time. Can’t wait to get back there already.

DSC_0141 IMG_0031

Shopped: Husk, Coastal Living, Seed, Country Road, Witchery, David Jones

Ate/Drank: Sake Sushi, Merrywell, Soumah, Industry Beans, The Botanical, Boatbuilders Yard, The Vincent, Portsea Pub, Sandbar, The Meatball and Winebar, Chin Chin 

Did: National Gallery of Victoria, Yarra Valley Wine Tour, Royal Botanical Gardens, South Melbourne Market, 


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