Summer vacation – it’s just the best. I generally save my vacation time for the winter to get away from the cold but this past week I spent some time in the best coast – no, not the west coast, the east coast! I had been itching to get back to the maritimes and when my friend invited me to her cottage in New Brunswick, I jumped on the chance to smell the ocean air and indulge in some lobster. Below are some snaps from my trip for your enjoyment

IMG_4808 Walks in the forest with babbling brooks and lots of greenery.

IMG_4814 Well, this is something I never thought I would do but I rode my first ATV! This is Jess in her best apparel.

IMG_4818 Lobster!

IMG_4821 2
Baking cookies and concocting cocktails – I’ll share the recipe for my new favourite cocktail later!
IMG_4831 Twinsies sea side.
IMG_4840 Cocktail o’clock came around quite often which was nice.
Thanks New Brunswick, you were just what the doctor ordered.


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