Travel is at the top of my list of favourites in life. I’m not sure what else can be so fulfilling and it’s best alongside my partner in crime, A. I’d be lying if I said I’m not concerned that our travel-filled life will be changing dramatically with our plus one and how parents tell me to not even bother with it. It’s too much work. I’ll be the judge of that, I say! (I’m sure I’ll look back on this months into motherhood and be like yes, don’t bother) but for now I rest my rose-coloured glasses on my eyes. We did have quite the special trip to cap off our “traveling before babies” which brought us to Paris for a couple nights solo and then a wonderful gathering of friends in a villa in the South of France for a week.


A being the best guy in the world that he is, had a little surprise for me which he shared with me as we were having lunch before jetting off to Paris. He knows that I love photos, and he happily obliges to take many of me, and takes his role of Instagram Husband seriously but it’s always a shame that typically the photos of the two of us are selfies like the one above. Sometimes its cute and other times I just wish I brought my tri-pod for my cam (I’m sorry, I refuse to use the selfie-stick). SO, he found a photographer and scheduled a session to capture this moment in time, me pregnant and our time together in Paris. He was a little nervous because he also knows I’m a little picky with pictures and since we weren’t able to bring our fave photographers (Tara and Barb from our wedding!) we didn’t really know who we would be dealing with.


The best part about the whole deal? We didn’t have to buy the pictures if we hated them so it seemed like a win/win! There were some times where she (the photographer) would suggest some corny, cringe-worthy poses so we simple shared that we were hoping for some more natural looking poses. I was so happy that he planned this, it’s so nice to look back at them already and I know I’ll cherish them and our trip in the future. I’m already trying to scheme my way back to Paris though, I LOVED it, obviously. I also need to update a couple chapters of travel including the most amazing time in Morocco!

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