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I’ve been attempting to get a post up or a while now and there’s no real excuse here. We left Toronto in the wee hours before Christmas embarking on our journey to visit my family in Melbourne, Australia! The night before, while we were doing some last minute packing, we realized that we had a 12 hour layover in Los Angeles. Friends had asked us our route many times before our trip and we both nonchalantly responded by saying “oh yeah, we have a couple hours and then we board for Melbourne” but nope, not the actual case. It was kind of cool though since we have never really explored LA so it was more like a spontaneous trip that we were able to take! Truth be told – on our last layover in LA enroute to Melbourne – we did rent a car and go to Venice beach but we had limited time and didn’t really see much. More on our recent little outing there soon.

We’ve been in Melbourne a week and are absolutely loving it (after we recovered from a quick illness – something we contracted from the plane we’re guessing).  It’s the first time we spend Christmas and New Years in a warm climate and even though its a bit strange and a bit less Christmassy than we’re used to – it’s awesome. Since it’s already New Year’s Eve here I wanted to share some thoughts and well wishes embarking on a new year.

I’ve told many close friends this already but wanted to share. Last year at this time, Andrew and I were doing a puzzle (our typical holiday tradition), listening to Serial (OMG the second season is here! Are you listening?) and have a few pre-dinner cocktails before heading out to dinner, I had a small breakdown. Nothing serious but it was strange feeling as I’m usually excited for the new year, a fresh start and a new me however it just was different. I had the love of my life with me, our little loft which we are charmed by and yet I wasn’t happy. Just like Carrie Bradshaw quoted: “You’re always searching for one thing in New York (replace this with Toronto for this context), an apartment, a job or a boyfriend”. And that was just it. I had a job though, right? I had a job at an agency that was good to their people, I had friends at said agency, I did cool things at this agency, things I liked YET I’ve never had a stronger urge in my life to do something else. It didn’t get me going like a job should – it didn’t challenge me in ways that it should (full disclosure, there were probably challenging opportunities presented to me yet I wasn’t open or interested in them). My husband being the outstanding individual that he is was supportive of me trying something new however I didn’t know what that meant for me! I didn’t know what the next steps were, I didn’t even know how to begin looking for them. So needless to say, I wiped my tears, closed the topic and stored it in the back of my mind and got dressed to go out. It was a great night and 2015 ensued in it’s typical form. But there was that constant feeling of “something else” in the back of my mind. Well, if you’ve been following me for a while now, you know how the rest of 2015 goes – end of January I lose my job and BAM I’m finally doing things that fulfill me for work. It doesn’t even feel like work – it’s so exciting! AND I’m just so pumped for 2016!!!! So many exciting goals with the work life it’s insane. I’ve never been motivated with what I’m doing and I can’t wait to share with you how it’s all going to roll out 🙂

NOW, I need to get a move on because we’re going to the beach to get some sun (it’s 41 DEGREES HERE!) before we ring in the New Year which will possibly be the best New Year ever for me. I had some lofty goals of creating posts in advance of our vacation and time simply ran out so I’ll be taking a break from LRB and resume the first week of January. Until then my friends.



:: Gorge detailing ::

Version 2

:: Insane back beach in Sorrento :: IMG_8888

:: Melbourne is obsessed with coffee and I love them for it :: IMG_8917

:: Our standard beach set up ::

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