DSC_0005 :: It happens every year, but I can’t handle how beautiful peonies are!!!! I refreshed my stock this week and I could stop and stare at these beauties for hours ::

This week included some personal struggles for me – you know those times where you want to be super productive, get things done but something is in your way, constantly? That was a couple of days for me this week (not to be overly dramatic or cryptic!) but I’m happy this week is coming to a close and I’m feeling good about a fresh, new week ahead. But not before a weekend full of beautiful weather. A and I are hitting the golf course for our first round of the season (albeit separately) tomorrow and soaking in the rays of sun all Sunday. Enjoy, friends!


:: Quiet scene from the long weekend ::


:: View of our fair city from the ferry from the island ::


:: My friend’s new wet bar beside her patio – LOVE the colour of cabinetry ::


:: Mackie the king on his throne ::


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