Hello! I’m coming to you after a nice weekend spent at my mom’s home. We visited the Poutine Festival that was happening downtown (perfectly timed trip home I’d say) and a nice fall walk in the Gatineau Hills just outside of Ottawa. It was all very relaxing and I’m feeling motivated starting this work week.

I’ve also finally put away the summer clothing and brought out the fall/winter clothing including my sweaters. There are times when I loathe that we live in a place that has such a cold climate and then I get my hands on my sweaters and nothing feels more right. I have a slight sweater addiction. A would say that I perhaps have an addiction to all clothing and accessories but there’s something special about sweaters. They are so very versatile and can be worn in any which way and there’s nothing more classy than the turtleneck sweater. I’m currently in a sweater dress paired with some leggings (which is actually one of my favourite looks for fall!). They can be dressed up or down and judging by my turtleneck picks below – you can see that I’m heavily feeling the neutral palette.  Turtlenecks

ONE – I do not own this but it’s definitely number one on my wishlist! I love the texture and typically I don’t like shorter sweaters but this one just feels right a little shorter. Aritzia – $165

TWO – One thing I did notice when unpacking my fall/winter pieces, I’m currently really into the olive green as a neutral including this honeycomb turtleneck pullover. Banana Republic – $110.00

THREE – If there’s anything more than a turtleneck sweater that I love, it’s a relaxed turtleneck sweater. J.Crew – $128 (but currently 30% off!)

FOUR – Ahhh cashmere – I love cashmere sweaters and I really enjoy the stitching on this one. Clearly an investment but the cost per wear on this all fall and winter long may make it worth it. Autumn Cashmere – $644.19 via ShopBop

FIVE – Another cashmere option thats less expensive but still gorgeous. Madewell – $308.56

SIX – This is a great, efficient piece to add to your turtleneck inventory. I like how it’s the mock turtleneck versus the traditional fold over. One of my favourite turtleneck sweaters is a really inexpensive one handed down from a friend from H&M! H&M – $39.99

SEVEN – There’s also the thinner versions of the sweater turtleneck which I seriously enjoy since they are perfect for layering. GAP – $64.95

EIGHT – I love IRO and sometimes it’s accessible and other times not so much but either way – I live this turtleneck sweater – IRO $298.00 via Hudson’s Bay

NINE – Another amazing classic piece – the chunky turtleneck sweater! ASOS – $78.45

Happy sweater weather!


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