ceremony-004 There’s so many things to be excited about today! The first official day of Fall, the first day of school (I never thought I would be going back!) and A and I are nearing our first wedding anniversary! It feels a bit funny to be starting back at 1 after almost 11 years together as a couple. I’m presently trying to remember what I was doing this day last year and I believe it was my last day of work and I was attempting to get multiple things done for our guests who would be arriving shortly.

Sounds a bit cliche but when Andrew and I tied to knot, we had the best day of our lives! In all honesty, I didn’t looooove the process leading up. I was a bit stressed at times, so many choices to make, a lot of people’s differing opinions and there’s a whole set of key learnings involved that I feel like could make up a completely other blog post. I am however ALL about the day. The day! The day before the wedding, at the rehearsal, I threw all caution to the wind and tried to be as present as possible in the moment.

Since A and I are taking a trip down memory lane this weekend in celebration, I figured it was a good time to share some pictures since I hadn’t shared them on the blog yet! (!!!!)
kelly-013 The Theme: Andrew was super easy going and not too particular about the “look” or “feel” of our wedding – he just simply expressed that he wanted to look like James Bond, and I believe he looked even better than that! I on the other hand had a couple of ideas. As you have learned, I love black and white and so that was present in everything from our stationary to our table runner and even our floral (hello anemones!). Also, as you can tell from the following images that I love gold so that was a lot a large part of our day as well. kelly-011 The Accessories: I’m not normally a practical person when it comes to clothing/accessory purchases but for my shoes, I knew I wanted a pair that would suit the day of as well a date night afterwards. A lot of “bridal” shoes were a lot more delicate and more of a one-time wear and I was super happy when I spotted these by Loeffler Randall. They were way cooler than your average bridal shoe and totally saw myself wearing them again. You best believe I am packing them into my suitcase when we head to Chicago to celebrate this weekend. I was super lucky to have many things “borrowed” from ladies in my life. My mother-in-law lent me a gold bangle to wear the day of and my Grams had given me this lovely vintage beaded clutch that fit just perfectly. Oh and the phone case from Kate Spade was just too cute to not have when getting hitched.
kelly-062 details-001

The Venue: Once we saw Graydon Hall, we knew it. We just loved how classy and pretty it was – it was always as if we didn’t need to decorate it at all (but we did). It held just the right amount of people, fit our amazing band and was still in the city! details-028 The Flowers: I could not have been more happy with florals and garlands that Lisa from Sweet Woodruff made for us. They were exactly what I was envisioning and I wish I could have a replication of my bouquet for the rest of me life.  details-007 details-019

portraits-002 My James Bond a.k.a Andrew, a.k.a my husband! portraits-076 The happiest.
portraits-122 I just LOVE the lighting and greenery in this one. Our venue was beautiful but this was a little book that our photographer Barb found. ceremony-018

Heading down!
portraits-030 portraits-072 The best wedding party ever – wish I could have all these people with us at all times.
ceremony-100 We did it! So happy and in love. Honestly, for any brides to be – this is actually the best moment ever. Try and savour it as long as humanly possible.
dancing-017 Party Time!


dancing-100 dancing-080

The best part about this post was that I was and am still smiling from all of the amazing memories made. It was just the best day ever and I can’t wait to take the time this weekend to go over all the feelings with my husband (still kinda weird to say!) this weekend.


All images by Tara McMullen – #shotbybarb

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