This Weekend

:: A cute new catch all from one of my favourite cities ::

I may be alone here but I find it hard to find balance on weekends. I’m always excited for them because hey, it’s the weekend yet I suffer from the weekend list syndrome. Throughout the week I’ll take note of things I wasn’t able to get to and ensure that I do them on the weekend. These lists can get quite lengthy and even with Andrew’s help they can seem overwhelming yet week after week, I make them. Why do I do this to myself? I only get upset if we don’t check off enough things and then next thing you know it, it’s Sunday evening and I feel like we barely relaxed. Same goes for making plans. I’ll make too many weekend plans on top of the list and BAM, there it goes without a long brunch with my favourites (Stella, Mackie and Andrew). So that’s it – no more lists and minimal plans (how am I just sorting this out now?). The snowfall we had here in Toronto was warmly welcomed on Sunday because that literally slowed everything down, it was almost like Mother Nature knew. Here are some pics from my weekend.


:: Stars on stars on stars for Stella! (crappy iPhone pic but that face!!!) ::

:: This is kinda funny, I was just casually filling this out and afterwards thought it was hilarious that Pizza came up quite quickly ::

:: Coffee date with these cute gals ::

:: Already shared my excitement for these dining room chairs I acquired from Elle & Eve consignment – it feels really good when its worth the wait and sitting on foldable IKEA chairs for months ::


Going up country

Well, it’s Friday! What’s on tap for the weekend?

Staying cozy indoors? Braving the weather outside? Like the next person, I’m over this winter however when you look at the images Christine Flynn from Love the Design posts like this, you have to admit that its kind of hard not to love the magic of winter.

11007911_938655496146579_464215862_n //Image Source – Love The Design :: Christine Flynn//

Andrew and I are off for a surprise adventure – hope your weekend is swell.



Yep – it’s almost that time… wrapping up January and hitting the good old, sweet weekend.

What’s on your agenda? I will be babysitting a special someone and kicking off my book club (finally!) with a grand Italian meal. And Sunday calls for Sunday things such as coffee, lying on the couch, eating good food and oh and more recently – long runs.

I figured I would leave you with a pretty little something to feast your eyes on. It’s on my wish list and it’s highly likely that I will be making the purchase since Bauble Bar now ships to Canada! I love how edgy yet chic it is and can be stacked or hold its own.
Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 2.35.17 PM
via: BaubleBar.com

Happy Weekend!

Weekend Vignette

What a beautiful weekend we had here in Toronto! Lots of sunshine, friends and good times.
Below are three photos that I feel sum up the weekend quite nicely.


::Bright white nails with a tasty summer treat::


::Cottaging in the city at a friend’s pool::


::Celebrating with old friends with some cheese and bubbly::

How was your weekend?