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Before and After // Master Bedroom

We’ve been in our new home a month now and I’m still sharing pictures of our old place. As much as I love being a homeowner there are still things that I miss about living in a building. Little things that I never thought I would miss but mostly I’m missing living in a space that was complete and functioning with our needs (still living out of a suitcase here!).

It’s funny how long that takes once you move in. Unless you are moving into a new build and one which you are a part of in regards to the design, it’s rare that you’re completely set up for your needs and it’s even more rare that you find a home with enough closet space! This is always a big one for us because (ahem) I tend to have a lot of clothing.



Now that we’re sleeping in a king-sized bed, this double just looks tiny! I remember moving into our loft and really having no clue what to do with this dresser and it lived in the awkward spot it’s currently in for a little while now. The mess on top of the dresser with my jewels etc makes me cringe! As well as the lost little corner in the back.


The accent wall was left from the previous owners and so I knew that I wanted to get rid of that and create a semi-custom closet for our things that will help disguise some of our stuff and leave us with a clean look.



img_0683 Ahhhh that’s better! We clearly painted over the accent wall and brightened up the space by painting it white. I added those pendant lights (sold out now but were found at Urban Outfitters) to leave more space on our little nightstands. The room was still small and we added an IKEA Pax Wardrobe which was not small but it allowed us to properly store and hide things which gave us the clutter-free appearance.

I’m also currently obsessed with the undone, messy linen bed look and found a really inexpensive options at IKEA! The black and white pillows were found at HomeSense and the other fun pillows were the most expensive textiles on there. The vintage one on the right was a splurge purchase at Shoppe (by Amber Interiors, my fave!) and the one on the left was from Bali! I love that little store and which I could go back and buy MORE pillows.


Shoe storage! So exciting and necessary because out of sight, out of mind with me so it was so nice to “shop” my shoes this way. Even though since I left a desk job I’m not wearing nearly as many heels, I haven’t gotten rid of them yet! Also – this mirror is a great steal from Home Depot – you can totally overspend on the exact same version but this one is great and a the best part, a great deal!  img_0707 img_0676


October Vibes


October has been pretty great so far but today has been one slow start (hence my post going up so late in the day!). I had high hopes of getting to the gym early (didn’t happen) and no matter what I try (even wearing my favourite leopard print coat hasn’t got me going) I seem to be lagging. The darker, colder mornings haven’t exactly got me jumping out of bed either and daylight savings isn’t until November 1st. On the up side, I’m really into the sweater weather and a few other fun things in this month’s instalment of Monthly Vibes.

ONE – LOVING this mostly wool waistcoat but the questions is how many waistcoats are too many waistcoats?

TWO – Urban Outfitters has quickly become one of my favourite places to search for home accents, decor and accessories. I love when how you can play with it’s boho vibe that it offers. This print is super pretty and a bit unusual.

THREE – A new shade of eyeshadow that I’m currently loving.

FOUR – While I’m preventing myself of purchasing any more items for our kitchen (there’s simply no room!), I would like to add this bowl if I could 🙂

FIVE – Getting into the Halloween spirit with this chic crystal skull.

SIX –  Following Emily Henderson’s new bed styling trick, I’m on the lookout for a extra long pillow like this one to give our tiny bed that pizazz it needs.

SEVEN – Fall after Fall, I wish I had these boots and so I just wanted to include them for fun.

EIGHT – I once really, really wanted this vintage rose gold mirror from a vintage store downtown and it sold (but to a friend of mine so I can’t really be upset). I enjoy this one as well though!

NINE – I certainly don’t need another set up measuring spoons but love these. They look like they could be from your cottage or chalet.

TEN – Sweater weather though, am I right? I’m really into this dusty rose one and is on sale!


September Vibes


It’s mid September! As I’ve previously mentioned, it’s become one of my favourite months with our one-year anniversary coming up. It’s also the combination of the summer/fall temperatures which as you know is the best for outfits. I don’t know about you, but last Sunday felt like a real “Sunday”. It was rainy and I was so pleased to hang in with A and just chill out (read: he watches football while I occupy myself with something else) while knocking off some things on our to-do list around our home. The cooler temps brought out layers and I wasn’t even mad (even though the temp has since risen – still not mad!).

I’ve put together some items I’ve got my eyeballs this month. Although I wish I had endless budget to actually purchase these items – that’s simply not reality. It’s still fun to curate and add them to my life-long wishlist.

ONE – You know how I host my annual clothing swap? Well this year I got rid of a couple of flannel/checkered shirts and am now regretting it. It’s true yet the colour combos I rid myself of weren’t as cute at this one from Madewell. AND it’s currently on sale and they’ve updated their online site to include CAD pricing which to be honest is a bit of a bummer lol.

TWO – Just love these planters. I’ve been shopping around a lot lately for some planters for my succulents and surprisingly they are really pricey! So I was super pleased to find these for a decent price.

THREE – Obsessed with rugs! It’s become a bit of a problem… I’ve gone from one extreme to another. I had like zero rugs at the beginning of summer and now I want all the rugs. Wish I had some extra floor space for this guy.

FOUR – Oh and another current obsession – this pillow and just pillows in general. The great part is that their covers are easily stored so it’s not THAT inconvenient to want 20 different kinds.

FIVE – Really into this wool look – I’m seeing it everywhere for fall and it’s great. It’s pretty perfect in this blazer. Such a classic.

SIX – Another awesome thing about Fall is the booties!! Love the kilt on these.

SEVEN – Funny how a Chloe bag always makes it into my vibes – sensing something here?!

EIGHT – Loving Woodlot’s candles for their woodsy scents for fall! Also – made in Canada – win, win!

NINE – Since i’m needed to carry around a tape measure now, why not choose a pretty looking one like this one.


First days of Fall


::Scarf/H&M, Jacket/Urban Outfitters, Pants/Zara (old), Shoes/Sperry Topsiders, Sunglasses/Ray Ban Aviators::

I was more than happy when Friday rolled around as I knew I was heading north for the weekend for some family time, relaxation and good ‘ol home cooking. The cottage is obviously ideal in the summer however , spending time outside with the fresh crisp air, turning leaves and layers of clothing make going to the cottage in the fall just as charming. Below are some quick snapshots of my weekend. I hope yours was just as great!


Monopoly – the perfect cure for a rainy Saturday.


Fresh lush moss.


A Sunday cruise.


Mad for Plaid


It’s no secret that plaid is one of the most classic trends for fall however, I don’t think we’ve seen it like THIS before have we? Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems that plaid has extended itself beyond it’s traditional hat or scarf. I don’t know about you I can’t get enough of it and am considering my second pair of plaid pants.

1. Plaid iPad Case – Why not bring this trend digital with this fun (and super cost effecient) iPad case?
2. Plaid Sweater – I’ll call this one, splurge plaid. I love how it’s a soft play on the usually stark pattern. It may break the bank but will never go out of style.
3. Two-Tone Plaid Scarf – I couldn’t pass up this scarf. I just love the mix of traditional plaid print and houndstooth (which I know isn’t REALLY a plaid but I would place it in the same family). After ordering it online, I realized how massive it is but made me like it even more. A real, cozy up to kind of scarf.
4. Skirt – LOVE this plaid skirt. Totally reminds me of something I had from Gap Kids or Jacob Jr. Paired with all black everything really brings it next level.
5. Plaid Pants – Gotta love plaid pants. They have some such a long way since only being sported by men on the golf course. I already own a pair but am having a hard time resisting the purchase of a second pair.
6. Houndstooth Pencil – I’ve already attested my love for houndstooth so I won’t start again at the risk of sounding like a broken record BUT this skirt is the perfect staple for fall and I can’t stop pairing with items in my head!


Mixing it up


:: Jacket / Urban Outfitters, Dress / Club Monaco (old) / Necklace / J.Crew (old), Shoes / J.Crew (older). Watch / Michael Kors, Purse / Prada ::


I’m all about mixing things up. High priced items with low, gold with silver and shabby with chic. Recently Toronto saw a drop in temperature and rather than grabbing a blazer for my commute to work I opted for this military utility jacket. I’ve had it for many years and I’ve worn it in more ways than one. My Fiancé didn’t necessarily agree with the combination however, I like it when someone doesn’t agree with my outfit. It makes me feel like I’m pushing some sort of boundary and that’s what it’s all about with clothing.