Interior Inspiration – Bahamian Living

Hello 2017! I’m still in disbelief you’re here but I’m excited – 2016 was surely one for the books but it’s always nice to hit refresh and set new goals for the coming year. Coming off the heels of a mini-vacation in the Bahamas for my cousin’s wedding (I could have at spent quadruple the amount of time we had there) and a whole lotta holiday family time, I’m ready to declare my word for 2017 – FOCUS. This is something that I tend to lose when when taking on multiple tasks and trying to complete them all in the quickest time possible. If having baby Stella wasn’t already the largest indicator to slow down the pace, focusing on one task at a time versus feeling overwhelmed by a long to-do list sounds great to me.

Now, feeling that we left the Bahamas a tad too early has left me wanting more. Aside from having the sun, sand and beautiful beaches, I fell for their unique conch style homes. After doing some research online of various interiors from the Bahamas I came across decorators Tom Scheerer’s vacation home and was immediately inspired. I loved the unexpected hints of classic mixed with bohemian vibes.

All images courtesy of Architectural Digest.


In my bag // Beach Weekend

Miami Beach Weekend

Well the weekend is here and we’re off to South Beach for a mini-getaway. Ironically, it’s also supposed to be beautiful at home however they don’t have the ocean! I love creating these “in my bag posts” because it’s such a great packing guide, I actually refer to previous posts to see what to bring and edit it. I’m constantly trying to become a better packer (serial over packer here) and feel that I’ve progressed slightly since my previous warm vacation trip! It’s all about letting go of options and sticking with the plan. Typically I stick to neutrals but the most adorb sandals have me in a more colourful direction.

1 – Cutest little head band – perfect for keeping back those flyaways and dressing up your standard pulled back in a pony look.

2 – Since we plan on doing very little, it’s always nice to add in a little game or two – preferably something you can do on the beach. Love these pretty paddles to work on your game.

3 – I’m in need of a new bather and since I’m committed to the one-piece, I love the little detail of the scallop here.

4 – Whenever I take in some sun I like to balance it with some serious hydration. I’m starting trying out this sheet mask which will hopefully transition my sunning into a little glow.

5 – This is a no brainer, pack your sunnies and I’m still happy with my Celine Caty’s.

6 – Consider this a PSA that there are some SUPER affordable and SUPER cute summer items at Old Navy. I literally haven’t stepped into a store since high school perhaps but these shorts brought me in, SO CUTE! Can’t wait to wear them.

7 – In the heat I always prefer a glass for some colour on the lips, not really sure why. Perhaps it’s the low maintenance part of perhaps it’s the more translucent part but either way, I love this Rosy colour from Bobbi Brown.

8 – These sandals are like fun on your feet! And with their fab price point, you can’t go wrong.

9 – I love Rhi Rhi, and I’m sad to have missed her tour in Toronto but I’m excited to catch up on her spread in April’s issue of Vogue.


This Week

DSC_0162 :: SO thrilled to be back with this guy – he’s just the cutest and I missed him so much! ::

Well it was really a short work week for me and I’m still dreaming about my recent travels! It’s been a lot of laundry, catching up with past e-mails and settling back into home mode and this weekend we’re heading to my hometown of Ottawa to visit my Mom and Grams. We’re also going to go skiing – it’s the one thing I miss about living there. The hills are much better than anything around Toronto and with such reasonable pricing. I hope you have a great one!

DSC_0160 :: OBSESSED with my Rug # 1!!!!! It’s a rag rug runner that once rolled out and shown to me, I knew I had to have. Also – my raffia slides which are my “indoor shoes” at the moment but in the heat of the summer, I’m totally bringing them outside :: DSC_0167 :: Love coming home to a pile of items to leaf and read through – been waiting to start this book for a while – anyone read it?! :: DSC_0157 (1) :: A green St. Patrick’s Day like breakfast ::  IMG_0664

:: The cutest mews apartment in London ::


Marrakech Memories

I’ve been back from my trip for only a day and a bit but I’m seriously missing the magic that is Marrakech. It’s incredible how every place I travel to is my new favourite place but I really do think that Marrakech tops the list. It’s exotic, completely different than North America, mystical and beautiful! I could seriously go on and on forever. I’ve taken so many wonderful photos with my large camera but in the effort to share a sliver of what I’ve taken I’m sharing some shots I took from my iPhone. I’ll dive deeper into more details of the workshop I attended and share places we went but for now, feast your eyes on these.

IMG_0603 :: The beautiful blue of Le Jardin Majorelle ::
IMG_0621 :: Rug shopping!!! Such a highlight and if you follow me on Snapchat (username: kellylynn_a) – you’ve seen a sneak peek as they arrived yesterday!!!! :: IMG_0635 :: Beauty behind every door and around every corner :: IMG_0615 :: Grabbing lunch at a cute cafe :: IMG_0496 :: We visited this amazing tile factory that had the MOST amazing office that we couldn’t snap because it’s being shared in Elle Decor which no doubt I’ll be sharing on here once it’s out :: IMG_0554 :: A magical dinner setting :: IMG_0504 :: Tiles! :: DSC_0007 :: Arched doorways for life :: IMG_0539 :: Rose colours buildings ::


Travel Chapter :: Melbourne, Australia

DSC_0018 This was my second time visiting Melbourne, Australia and I only fell more in love with the city. My brother and his wife moved there 6 years ago and about 2 years ago A and I agreed that we would be spending Christmas 2015 in the sun. I’m used to travelling for the holidays but had never been across the ocean and I was scared Santa wouldn’t find me! (jokessss) What isn’t a joke though, is the flight and with the aforementioned unexpected layover, it felt even longer. From a larger perspective, it’s not all that bad and it’s worth it. My mom asks me all the time how we make it through and my response is always movies and sleeping pills. IMG_8862 :: This beautiful store called Husk – it was merchandized so well I wanted to move in  :: 

We really wanted to beat jet lag once we landed so we tried to keep ourselves busy to go to sleep at a normal hour. Our gracious hosts, my brother and his wife, took us to this cute neighbourhood called Albert Park to catch some rays, grab a bite and do a little shopping. Sounds pretty ideal right? I absolutely love what the Australians have to offer in regards to shopping – just love it!

IMG_8864 :: More Husk Love :: IMG_8886 Apparently the big thing to do on Boxing Day is to go to the Chricket! We had never been and it’s difficult to get tickets. You need to be a member and people are on the waiting lists for 20+ years – seriously! Luckily we had a friend help us out – I wish I had a picture of us there because we looked cute! There’s a dress code and everything however we had to leave early due to this stupid sickness A and I both were dealing with.

Portsea! Mornington Peninsula! Amazingness. Luckily, A and I got over our illness just in time for our little beach trip. Last time we were visiting Australia, we had a couple little trips on the side but this time around we only had one but it was a good one. The Mornington Peninsula is a quick trip south of Melbourne and I would go as far as saying it’s a must if you can. The beaches and sights were incredible and even as a tourist, I could see the value in making the extra little trip there versus the city beaches.  IMG_8893 :: Us! :: IMG_8905 :: Visited this quaint little gin distillery called Bass and Flinders – delicious ::
IMG_8908 :: Cute decor :: IMG_8911 :: Amazing little cafe in Sorrento (beside Portsea) :: IMG_8913 :: Followed by awesome shopping at Seed :: IMG_8917

 :: Our usual set up at the beach :: DSC_0016

:: Squad :: DSC_0005

:: Cute Bath Houses :: IMG_8959

:: Beautiful store called Coastal Living where I wanted EVERYTHING :: IMG_8932

:: Delicious food at the Portsea Hotel including their pizza! :: IMG_8946 (1) :: Sunsets ::   IMG_8960 DSC_0006 DSC_0012 IMG_9948 Wine Tour time!  IMG_9960
IMG_9897 :: Perhaps the most amazing salmon sashimi ::

IMG_9891 :: Festive Flinder’s Station ::
IMG_9997 :: Cool neighbourhood – Fitzroy ::
IMG_9733 :: New Year’s Eve Brunch with Sara at Sandbar :: IMG_9915

:: The National Gallery of Victoria ::  IMG_9918


:: Interacting with the exhibit ::

It was an amazing trip and I only wish we had more time there. There are so many other things we wanted to do but also wanted to have some down/chill time. Can’t wait to get back there already.

DSC_0141 IMG_0031

Shopped: Husk, Coastal Living, Seed, Country Road, Witchery, David Jones

Ate/Drank: Sake Sushi, Merrywell, Soumah, Industry Beans, The Botanical, Boatbuilders Yard, The Vincent, Portsea Pub, Sandbar, The Meatball and Winebar, Chin Chin 

Did: National Gallery of Victoria, Yarra Valley Wine Tour, Royal Botanical Gardens, South Melbourne Market, 


My Style // Back in action!!!

Phew! Well, that was fun! What a whirlwind/most amazing time ever. I landed home late Sunday night and it’s been a couple days of getting some rest and stepping back into reality. Perhaps a little longer of a break from the blog than I had intended but I was really going with the flow. Last week was unreal in so many ways and I cannot wait to show you the magic we created but first I want to start peppering some loveliness from Australia first!


This outfit isn’t all that awesome but I just LOVE the top I picked up. There are a couple of stores I discovered while shopping there that I adored. Shopping overseas these days, dare I say, are a bit boring now. With online shopping and international shipping, you can really get whatever you want! But what I love about Country Road, Witchery and Seed is that unless you read Australian magazines or have secret intel, you wouldn’t really know about them! But they do ship to Canada so I hope to see more of them 🙂  DSC_0039

You may be thinking to yourself – that seems a bit overdressed for Australia? But the weather changes at the drop of a hat and it’s always best to layer. We were heading to dinner and the National Gallery of Victoria (for a super cool Andy Warhol and Ai Wei Wei exhibit might I add) this evening so not knowing what the air con was going to be like, I toted my leather jacket in case.  DSC_0047 DSC_0061 DSC_0069 DSC_0079


This Week // Happy New Year!!!!!


:: A quick cocktail at the Beverley Hills Hotel ::

I’ve been attempting to get a post up or a while now and there’s no real excuse here. We left Toronto in the wee hours before Christmas embarking on our journey to visit my family in Melbourne, Australia! The night before, while we were doing some last minute packing, we realized that we had a 12 hour layover in Los Angeles. Friends had asked us our route many times before our trip and we both nonchalantly responded by saying “oh yeah, we have a couple hours and then we board for Melbourne” but nope, not the actual case. It was kind of cool though since we have never really explored LA so it was more like a spontaneous trip that we were able to take! Truth be told – on our last layover in LA enroute to Melbourne – we did rent a car and go to Venice beach but we had limited time and didn’t really see much. More on our recent little outing there soon.

We’ve been in Melbourne a week and are absolutely loving it (after we recovered from a quick illness – something we contracted from the plane we’re guessing).  It’s the first time we spend Christmas and New Years in a warm climate and even though its a bit strange and a bit less Christmassy than we’re used to – it’s awesome. Since it’s already New Year’s Eve here I wanted to share some thoughts and well wishes embarking on a new year.

I’ve told many close friends this already but wanted to share. Last year at this time, Andrew and I were doing a puzzle (our typical holiday tradition), listening to Serial (OMG the second season is here! Are you listening?) and have a few pre-dinner cocktails before heading out to dinner, I had a small breakdown. Nothing serious but it was strange feeling as I’m usually excited for the new year, a fresh start and a new me however it just was different. I had the love of my life with me, our little loft which we are charmed by and yet I wasn’t happy. Just like Carrie Bradshaw quoted: “You’re always searching for one thing in New York (replace this with Toronto for this context), an apartment, a job or a boyfriend”. And that was just it. I had a job though, right? I had a job at an agency that was good to their people, I had friends at said agency, I did cool things at this agency, things I liked YET I’ve never had a stronger urge in my life to do something else. It didn’t get me going like a job should – it didn’t challenge me in ways that it should (full disclosure, there were probably challenging opportunities presented to me yet I wasn’t open or interested in them). My husband being the outstanding individual that he is was supportive of me trying something new however I didn’t know what that meant for me! I didn’t know what the next steps were, I didn’t even know how to begin looking for them. So needless to say, I wiped my tears, closed the topic and stored it in the back of my mind and got dressed to go out. It was a great night and 2015 ensued in it’s typical form. But there was that constant feeling of “something else” in the back of my mind. Well, if you’ve been following me for a while now, you know how the rest of 2015 goes – end of January I lose my job and BAM I’m finally doing things that fulfill me for work. It doesn’t even feel like work – it’s so exciting! AND I’m just so pumped for 2016!!!! So many exciting goals with the work life it’s insane. I’ve never been motivated with what I’m doing and I can’t wait to share with you how it’s all going to roll out 🙂

NOW, I need to get a move on because we’re going to the beach to get some sun (it’s 41 DEGREES HERE!) before we ring in the New Year which will possibly be the best New Year ever for me. I had some lofty goals of creating posts in advance of our vacation and time simply ran out so I’ll be taking a break from LRB and resume the first week of January. Until then my friends.



:: Gorge detailing ::

Version 2

:: Insane back beach in Sorrento :: IMG_8888

:: Melbourne is obsessed with coffee and I love them for it :: IMG_8917

:: Our standard beach set up ::

Travel Chapter // Victoria, B.C.

If you ever asked A or I which coast of Canada has our heart, we would both respond the East Coast! in a heartbeat. It’s where we met, attended University and lived post school – we were young, wild and free! All that being said, I had never been to the west coast of Canada before and after a recent visit, its really hard to chose just one! Victoria was really beautiful and charmed us beyond belief. We were visiting with A’s sister who played the most gracious hostess (like there were any doubts).

SEE // Victoria is a great, small, city! It’s easy to walk around everywhere which is awesome and there are plenty of places to check out. We visited some beautiful parks and the most obvious destination – the sea side. There was this long walk along the coast filled with doggies, wish Mackie was there. We also fed some seals which were really cool (see video below!). DSC_0004

::Andrew and my sister-in-law, Mairi :: DSC_0011

:: Little scene at aforementioned park :: DSC_0007

:: Seriously huge leaves! :: DSC_0013

:: A cool van and the ocean :: DSC_0014

:: Quite the view! :: DSC_0024 :: Where I picked up a piece of driftwood as a souvenir :: DSC_0027 IMG_8484

:: Insane green, lushness :: IMG_8488

:: Harbourside lunch ::

EAT // I don’t have many food or restaurant pics since I lost the when I got a new phone but here’s a quick rundown if you are planning a trip! We tried the Steamship by the water for happy hour and buck a shuck which was to die for. We had a LOVELY dinner at the 10 Acres which truly supports the farm to table movement and it was mild enough to even sit on their patio. For brunch we went to this awesome spot called Bubby’s Kitchen in Cook Street Village (where we stayed) and then Jam Cafe which was also really wicked.

:: We were able to feed the CUTEST seals!!! ::


 ::I mean, look at their faces! ::
IMG_8497 IMG_8498 Hope to see you again soon, Victoria!


Travel Chapter // London!

Londontown was in one word: fabulous. Having never been, we did indulge in hitting the major tourist spots the city has to offer. Luckily we had a lovely tour guide (our friend Justin!) who was gracious enough to tour us around for a day. It was the perfect mix of seeing landmarks whilst stopping for beverages when necessary.  One thing became apparent – London is MASSIVE. There were a million and one different and cool areas to check out and I only wish we had more time to do just that. The great part is that Justin has plans to be there for a little while longer so we can make many more visits and really see what the city has to offer. IMG_7238 Selfie with the Queeeeeen! Not really, she was in London at the time though. IMG_7236 Gardens at Buckingham Palace.

IMG_7240 The balcony where it all happens!
IMG_7250 Pretty packaging at a very British store Fortnum & Mason.
IMG_7248 A beautiful staircase at said store.
IMG_7224 Such a typical photo of the double decker bus but I couldn’t help myself.
IMG_7256 Fresh blooms along Bond Street – the most fab street ever.
IMG_7466 Tourist selfie! As you can see, we lucked out on the weather – it was just gorgeous each day we were there.
IMG_7223 Big Ben up close!
IMG_7231 IMG_7228 London squad in Greenwich Park. IMG_2238 Lovely colour of door.
IMG_2214 Cute little cafe in Greenwich.

The Meridian line.

IMG_7241 St. James Park
DSC_0033 Staying hydrated!
IMG_7257 This place loves topiary as much as I do.
IMG_7233 IMG_7253 Pretty atrium shopping.


Travel Chapter // Isle of Islay

IMG_7408 Continuing with our recent trip to the U.K., we left Edinburgh by train and made our way to Glasgow. We were there for a day and enjoyed a quick visit with family and then embarked the following morning to the Isle of Islay. Before Andrew, I had never heard of this place however since it is where his family is from, he had visited around 20 years ago. I was curious as to what this place was like, it garners a lot of talk from his relatives. We hired a car and drove 2 hours from Glasgow, through Loch Lommand National Park (pictured above and below).
DSC_0173 The cutest little tea and coffee stand. Also, in Scotland they make stuffed rolls which are basically breakfast sandwiches but they are made in the most delicious rolls! We were obsessed and this place made the perfect brekky for the trip.
IMG_7415 Once we reached the ferry, we piled on and it was about 2 hour ride to Islay. IMG_7416 IMG_7422 And we made it! The saying that there is more sheep than people is true – there are sheep and cattle everywhere. It was a welcomed change of speed from being so busy in London and Edinburgh.
DSC_0213 (1) IMG_7431 The quaint little town of Bowmore.  DSC_0251 We aren’t much of whiskey drinkers but when in rome, right? Pleasantly surprised that this distillery also makes the MOST delicious gin. I’ll definitely be sharing more that later. IMG_7427 So it’s not the type of beach where you would be baking in the heat of the sun and jumping into the water (we felt it, it was freezing) but it still provides the same soothing effects that any ocean will. DSC_0244 DSC_0205 More sheep!
DSC_0208 IMG_7424 The adorbale little stoop where we stayed. IMG_7439 We played a round of golf at the Machrie with perhaps the best view we’ve ever played with.
IMG_7535 A simple, but great door – check out the hardware!
IMG_7536 The little town of Port Charlotte.

Leaving Islay to head back to London before we travelled home.


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