This Week

This Week

:: A new sweater with a little more colour (than my usual) since it was such a drab January ::

I’m overwhelmed by all the love I received over the last post – I’m so happy that I ended up sharing! Blogging about your life can sometimes seem like oversharing but I was happy to her all the positive responses. This past week brought sweet little success in work and in life. Feels good when that happens, doesn’t it. I just wrapped a podcast for Elsie and Kel Design and it was so much fun! I hope it is something we can start on the regular – I’ll share listening details when it’s online and available if you’re interested. I’m actually slightly nervous to share considering I hate the sound of my own voice but people like my mom will want to hear. Hope you have a great weekend ahead.

:: Our holiday puzzle that was finished much later than our usual timelines – it was harder than it looks! (and we took a small break from it) ::

:: I truly believe that most of my favourite decor pieces are pieces from travel  – Stella is so lucky our friends thought of her during their visit to Kenya and brought back this adorable string of animals – just love it ::

:: Slowly easing into Mackie’s new look – liking it more and more ever day! ::

:: Baby wearing wins! I’m obsessed ::



This Week

My first week back to reality from the holidays has gone over quite smoothly – I’m actually enjoying the moments Stella and I are having at home with our new friends, the Ladies of London (super cheesy but I’m super into them!) and getting our place back in order. It’s always nice to get back to basics and as always, I’m drumming up new visions of our uncompleted rooms in our home (read: every room except the nursery!). This weekend I have a small list of things to do that will help me feel eqaually productive yet relaxed – and a little celebration in the diary (taking some notes from my british friends) to mark another year older. Happy Weekend!

:: This time last week – poolside with super fun floaties! ::

:: A SUPER cute restaurant idea – sand on the floor to give that ultimate beach feeling!::

:: Blue jean baby! The first pair of “denim” for Little Miss Stella ::

:: Family portrait from the trip ::


This Week

:: Finally found a wreath! I usually like to make them however I was running out of time and purchased this one – I enjoy the fruits on it, something I’ve never done before::

The final days before Christmas and it’s finally sinking in – the excited, joyous Christmas feeling! Family is arriving tomorrow on both sides and then its officially time to relax. I love how at this time of year, everyone seems to take a step back and enjoy the little things – although I’ve been off work for the last little while with little miss Stella we’re super excited to have A around us for a couple days and be off of work. Merry Christmas everyone!

:: Hand delivered gifts from my friend Pepper B, she’s the cutest ::

:: We have a mantle, yay! Now, if you have seen instagram, you’d know that I gave many plans for this mantle in the New Year but for this year, I plan on just being happy with the fact that I have one ::

:: My little Mackie looking sweet ::

:: The most decadent Fresh soaps which I LOVE and are also great stocking stuffers if you’re a super last minute shopper ::

:: A little ornament from last weekend in NYC – the Empire State Building, where we got engaged ::


This Week


:: Her slipper game is stronger than mine ::

It’s been a bit of a blah week weather wise which has lead Stella and I to be indoors perhaps a little more than we like. We’re actually gearing up for a walk with my sister-in law and Stella’s cousin Henry (it’s so nice to have family so close by!) so we aren’t locked indoors and tempted by all the Black Friday deals available today. Are you participating in any Black Friday shopping? I have to admit that it’s easy to get caught up in the savings but I’m trying to resist the urge. Our weekends look a little different these days however I look forward to when A is home to spend some time together (and the potential to sneak away for a badly needed pedicure). Here are some pics from my week (a small selection because somehow, I barely took any pics) – hope you have a great weekend lined up and enjoy it!

img_3079 :: Mackie is adjusting well after a rocky start ::


:: Stella’s new addition to our coffee table tray. This will not be a permant fixture FYI but I don’t mind the pop of pink ::


This Week


:: Our front step – still not 100% complete but we’ve been focusing on the interior of the home to start. Also – our neighbours are killing it with their Halloween decor, can’t wait to step up our game next year! ::

Since Laura and I work for ourselves (pssssst – check us out at I’m working right up until out babe-to-be is ready for arrival but being 38 weeks and moving furniture around has become a bit of a challenge. My mobility for one, is much more limited as well as my energy levels seem to plummet towards the afternoon so when a gross, rainy day showed up yesterday, I slowed things down and took it easy. It was so nice and I actually took a couple of moments to recognize that this could be the last little bit of me time before she arrives (read: so concerned about losing my me time).


:: My make-shift closet shows off all the neutrals ::


:: Received this in the mail, can’t wait to snuggle up with it this weekend ::


:: Cool looking pumpkins or are they squash: Either way, into them! ::


:: Checking in on the progress for our custom closet being built for our master bedroom – can’t WAIT to see this bad boy installed ::


This Week


:: My Grams picked these up for me at Nordstrom and they are the best gummi bears I have ever had! Apparently they are actually made with Dom Perignon ::

Thanksgiving weekend has arrived and brought with it the most glorious fall weather! We’ve been lucky this past week, it’s really been a joy and the ultimate mood pick me up from the gray days we were experiencing last week. A and I are hosting our first Thanksgiving dinner for our families in our new home – which will be super fun. I’m mostly excited to set the table (now that we officially have one!) and have everyone over. Our home is still slowly creeping it’s way to be completed but another major milestone will be hit when we finally receive our sofa on Sunday! So excited to share which one we ended up going with.


:: Shout-out to my bro for getting festive at our Oktoberfest themed baby party last weekend! :: img_2676

:: Signs of fall that I’m loving – the city gets so pretty around this time of year ::


:: This STEAL of a dresser we found for our master bedroom. Needs some loving and a stain job but just guess how much I paid for it? You’ll never guess so I’ll have to tell you – $67!!!!! ::


:: Started the week off with a coffee date with Dad while pretending I’m still in France ::


This Week

Phew! It’s Fri-yay and I know I’m not the only one celebrating. These past few weeks have been busy to say the least and we’re finally feeling more “at home”. Yesterday evening as I was preparing this post, I was thinking to myself, shit, I don’t have any pretty photos to share of my week and then I was like welp, that’s reality so instead I did a quick tour this AM of our new space and figured I would share what I’m loving thus far. I hate to be “all about the house” (reminder to myself – stop using air quotes!) but they do tend to take over your life especially when you’re more of the DIY type person versus hiring people (lets clarify, I’m totally the type to hire people when necessary but it’s also sometimes great to challenge yourself sometimes, yah?). So tonight, Andrew and I are having a date night which feels like we haven’t had in EVER and it’s a casual one starting with dinner and then a Blue Jays game! Hope you have a good weekend in store, friends.


:: Hair-tie dish from Andrew’s granny ::


:: We have a porch people! And a fern! This makes me very happy except, I need to remove those little dead parts ::


:: We’re usually out of town for this festival and I’m super happy to be finally checking it out this weekend ::


:: Paint contenders for the nursery! ::


:: OK this is a life changer – a King sized bed. Andrew and I have spent the majority of our relationship in a double bed and now, we have so much space it’s insane. Please ignore the coverless duvet ::




This Week

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to post one of these and it’s been quite the week over here! Since officially moving into our home last Friday, we’ve started the process of settling in and setting up our home and in all honesty – it’s been a bit of a blur! I totally underestimated the amount of work in a move but after a quick mani/pedi last evening, I’m slowly getting back to myself (having maintained nails are very important to feeling “myself”).  We’ve been lucky to have friends and family who have helped out along the way and it’s crazy to think that it’s now up to Andrew and I to maintain a proper household. It’s all super exciting and overwhelming at the same time. We sold a lot of our loft furniture so we’re look a little bare but we’re working on it. It will all take time, but confident it will all pay off. Normally we have some travel plans for the long weekend but we’re taking it easy, staying put, and working on the home – hope you have a good one!


:: A quick but necessary lunch at Rose and Sons to say goodbye to a special couple who are moving to NYC. Love the gold salt and pepper shakers! ::


:: Our “new” home is well over a hundred years old and has some great detail like these original doorknobs oh and popcorn walls which are… interesting? ::


:: A new addition – fell in LOVE with this rug and just knew it was the direction I wanted to go with our new living room or master bedroom – still tbd ::


:: Is having babies better than doggies? I’m still not sure but will soon find out! ::


:: Just a small portion of flowers our friends have brought over – thank you friends! ::



This Week


:: Typical Monday night din din, paired with the Bachelorette (which I’m actually loathing this season but have committed until the end – actually have you started watching UnREAL on Shomi? It’s basically a behind the scenes drama of the Bachelor series and it’s WAY better ::

This week was an interesting one on many levels for me – 24 weeks (a.k.a 6 months pregnant) a couple of things have hit home. Feeling unprepared (mentally and physically!) for this baby is slightly an understatement at this point. I’m dying to start making purchases for her nursery and her wardrobe yet it doesn’t make much sense when we’re packing up the place. I’ve also noticed some other changes – like how long I can stay standing for at a party before needing a seat ha! On the work front opportunities are arising at a steady pace and Laura and I are pleased as clams. I hope to spend some time both indoors and out this weekend to balance the heavy heat (which I love). Hope you have a good one!


:: So into dark marble these days – this is gearing a bit 80’s but I was digging it for the mo ::


:: Laura demonstrates a fun way to fill a non-working fireplace at her apartment ::


:: A cool orb like light at EQ3 ::


:: Berry obsessed ::


This Week


:: My new nephew – Henry James, the CUTEST ::

Life has really been happening these past couple of weeks and this week finally felt like we were getting back in to our groove. We hadn’t made a dinner and sat at home together for one in what felt like ages so that was a major win and I’ve also scaled back on my evening plans which has also helped provide a more chill vibe. Even though this was a short week for me, I’m so ready for a weekend again and soaking up this glorious summer weather.


:: Best iced latte around ::


:: Love Mackie’s little bum::

IMG_1495 :: Baby Bozzy is about the size of an ear of corn! ::


:: Sweet treats with Sarah at the Club Monaco street market on Bloor St. ::


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