Family LOVE in Photos

Clearly, I’m a big fan of photos. I love how they can capture, time, emotion and evoke fond memories and feelings (as well as your hilarious awkward stage as a pre-teen and all those hairstyles you would like to forget). There have been many times when I thank the sweet lord Jesus that smart phones (cellphones even, for that matter) were around. Could not have handled all of that documented. Even though everyone now has a camera at the ready, how often do you take proper family photos? Like non-selfie ones (not that there’s anything wrong with those). In light of yesterday being Valentine’s Day, and celebrating all forms of love – I wanted to share some family pictures we took with the amazing Barb from Tara McMullen Photography. Over the holidays, my brother and sister-in-law were in town from Australia and as you can imagine, it doesn’t happen every year so it was a celebration of family indeed. Also, my grandmother (who was more of a mother figure for my family growing up) was turning another year older so what better time than to capture our currently growing family.

Girl power! Some strong, supportive women in my life with the newest addition, baby Stella.

My ladies and my leaders.

The Aussies! Brought along a little joey.

First family portrait!

The gang. xx

Marrakech Memories

I’ve been back from my trip for only a day and a bit but I’m seriously missing the magic that is Marrakech. It’s incredible how every place I travel to is my new favourite place but I really do think that Marrakech tops the list. It’s exotic, completely different than North America, mystical and beautiful! I could seriously go on and on forever. I’ve taken so many wonderful photos with my large camera but in the effort to share a sliver of what I’ve taken I’m sharing some shots I took from my iPhone. I’ll dive deeper into more details of the workshop I attended and share places we went but for now, feast your eyes on these.

IMG_0603 :: The beautiful blue of Le Jardin Majorelle ::
IMG_0621 :: Rug shopping!!! Such a highlight and if you follow me on Snapchat (username: kellylynn_a) – you’ve seen a sneak peek as they arrived yesterday!!!! :: IMG_0635 :: Beauty behind every door and around every corner :: IMG_0615 :: Grabbing lunch at a cute cafe :: IMG_0496 :: We visited this amazing tile factory that had the MOST amazing office that we couldn’t snap because it’s being shared in Elle Decor which no doubt I’ll be sharing on here once it’s out :: IMG_0554 :: A magical dinner setting :: IMG_0504 :: Tiles! :: DSC_0007 :: Arched doorways for life :: IMG_0539 :: Rose colours buildings ::