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:: Finally found a wreath! I usually like to make them however I was running out of time and purchased this one – I enjoy the fruits on it, something I’ve never done before::

The final days before Christmas and it’s finally sinking in – the excited, joyous Christmas feeling! Family is arriving tomorrow on both sides and then its officially time to relax. I love how at this time of year, everyone seems to take a step back and enjoy the little things – although I’ve been off work for the last little while with little miss Stella we’re super excited to have A around us for a couple days and be off of work. Merry Christmas everyone!

:: Hand delivered gifts from my friend Pepper B, she’s the cutest ::

:: We have a mantle, yay! Now, if you have seen instagram, you’d know that I gave many plans for this mantle in the New Year but for this year, I plan on just being happy with the fact that I have one ::

:: My little Mackie looking sweet ::

:: The most decadent Fresh soaps which I LOVE and are also great stocking stuffers if you’re a super last minute shopper ::

:: A little ornament from last weekend in NYC – the Empire State Building, where we got engaged ::


Interior Inspiration // Christmas House Tour

It’s the week before Christmas and I’m feeling almost sad that we’re this close! This year I’ve been a little behind in getting the house decorated, completing Christmasy tasks (like baking cookies) and I have yet to attend a Christmas party (aside from the Elsie and Kel dinner Laura and I indulged in). At the same time, I have so much to be happy about and am thankful for including Stella’s first Christmas, instilling some new family traditions, Laura and my first year of business and family that is traveling all the way from Australia to be together this year. So more focusing on what’s good and less on what’s not there.

I’ve been a blogger and reader of blogs for many years and for some reason, this year is a first for me in catching these amazing Christmas Home Tours.  It’s always amazing to see people’s different approach to this season and I especially fell in love with one home in particular that belongs to the home of designer Sarah Walker was so impeccably done for the holidays, I’m in love. Her mantle has given me some serious inspo for mine and I appreciate the subtly of it all. Super classy and less in your face – enjoy!

All images via – The Curated House 

Photography // When He Found Her

Design // Sarah Walker

Floral // Sweet Woodruff 


Home for the Holidays

Christmas season is upon us and this year more than ever, it has really seemed to sneak up on me – considering it’s been a busy last couple of weeks ushering Miss Stella into the world, I’m now ready to fully embrace the holiday. Typically our holidays often include travel of some sort but this year we are staying put and im more excited than ever to deck the halls considering this will be our first Christmas in this home. My holiday decor in year’s past has generally been the same mish-mash of whatever I have on hand and a collection of year’s past decor. This ranges greatly from a dancing, piano playing Snoopy that my Grams gave me while I was in University to some more current sparkly votives. This year, I’m trying to streamline my approach and move forward with more of a theme. The problem is, I can’t decide what direction I want to go in – I’m always temped by things shiny and new and I’m thoroughly enjoying this moment blush is having over the holidays however the other half of me is a traditionalist and can’t get away from the plaid. I’ve rounded up pretty decor in both themes and am now considering is a collaboration between the two – that can happen, yes? Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

christmas_decor_trad 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11


Party Pants

DSC_0012 //Necklace, Jacket, Top (old), Jeans (old), Heels (on sale!)//

Merry Christmas Eve! It’s time to put your party pants on! I seriously can’t believe how quickly this season has come but I’m excited none the less. I’m looking forward to spending time with family, relaxing, enjoying this mild weather (?) and overall reflecting on the past year – it’s been a good one. I recently wore this outfit to one of the last holiday parties and thought it was a nice mix of menswear, metallic and 90’s. Perhaps some metallic inspiration for New Years Eve?
DSC_0015 DSC_0017 DSC_0022 Did you used to wear ear cuffs in the 90’s like me? Well good new – they are back! Bauble Bar has some great ones (like these!) that give you the cool cuff vibe without the heavy price tag.



Stuffing the socks

2014-12-22_11-17-55 I find purchasing the perfect stocking stuffers more of an art than anything. It’s important to find those gifts that meet the “stocking” criteria (size, price point and cuteness factor). They are also often the last items crossed off your list. Just to make life (and your holiday shopping) a little easier – I’ve put together some items that I’m sure any lady in your life would love to find in her stocking. Also, I think we’re all out of time for online shopping so thankfully, you can pick these items up in store.

Top Row: Cashmere Gloves from Joe Fresh, Jo Malone Travel Sized Fragrance from Holt Renfrew, Le Pens from Papyrus, Gold Cheese Knives from West Elm.

Middle Row: The Classic Clementine from your local grocer, Toque from Joe Fresh, Fresh Sugar Gift Set from Sephora.

Bottom Row: Treat Nail Collection from Health Hut Boutique, Pink Himalayan Rock Salt from Willams-Sonoma, Chanel Lip Colour from Shoppers Drug Mart, Camp Socks from J.Crew, Delicate Catbird Ring from Zane.

Only 3 sleeps until Santa!



DIY: Christmas Wreath

DSC_0272 Since making my Christmas wreath last year, I made the decision to keep up with the tradition for decking the halls. Since working with boxwood greenery last year, I figured I would switch up my game a bit and try pine.

Items required:

  • Wire (a thick and sturdy kind)
  • Wire (a less sturdy, more pliable and green kind)
  • Greenery
  • Wreath adornments (I used gold bells and glitter leaves)

Disclaimer – purchase a wire framed wreath, don’t try to make one like I did. It’s just a lot more effort and I would image that it’s more sturdy. The one I did make does the trick though so if you happen to have some wire kicking around – have at it!

DSC_0280 Once you have your wire frame (store bought and not the hideous looking one that I made pictured above), you simply work your way around the frame, attaching the greenery as you go with the softer, more plyable and green wire.
DSC_0282 When you have covered the wire and your wreath is looking as plush as possible – it’s time to add some accents. I kept it fairly simple and used some glitter leaves and large gold bells. Sometimes during the holiday season, less is more.
IMG_6134 And that’s it! Hang it on your door, above your fireplace or where ever your heart desires.

Merry Christmas!



DIY – Christmas Wreath

Christmas is only 3 days away! I can’t believe how quickly it has come upon us. I have completed all of my shopping and am feeling in a good place – I just need to finish up a couple of days of work and pack and I will be heading home to Ottawa for the holidays – can’t wait!


Lucky me – there was extra boxwood greenery hanging around our office and thought to myself that it would be perfect opportunity to make my own wreath which I had been wanting to do for a while. It appeared easy enough and I quickly went to my local florist who was so kind to sell me some to their floral wire (it was the only thing I was missing!).


Supplies: Boxwood Greenery,ribbon, bells, wire, another assortment of greenery and pretty much anything else that you would like to add to your Christmas Wreath


Select pieces of your boxwood greenery that have a little bit of stem to them (or remove some of the leaves to create some stem). Stems help make a nice line of greenery that you will then turn into a circle and will also help make the wreath even.


Use the floral wire to keep the pieces of box wood together and continuing this process until you have your desired length. Green wire is key so you don’t have to be too concerned about it showing.


So the fun thing about making wreaths is that they don’t have to look perfect nor do they need to be perfectly round! After you have made your circle, just continue to add greenery where ever you find holes.


I thought that by add a little pine was fun – just to mix it up a bit!


I also added bells and some cranberries and chose to opt out of the usual ribbon (even though I do love ribbon) for a more natural look.


The last step is to find a place in your home to place it – easy as that!



Trimming the tree

In previous years, we’ve had smaller apartments or more or less, shorter ceilings, so we figured that this year, we could step up our “tree game” and that’s exactly what we did. We found our tree at Evergreen Brickworks which I found to have a lot of great options and many different varieties. We went for our standard spruce since I knew I wasn’t getting my white tree.


It almost looks neat without anything on it at all. We actually left our tree like this for a couple of days to allow the branches to fall.


Taking a note from Miss Martha, I strung my lights a little differently than in other years. See her how-to here.


Since I had a lot of smaller ornaments I figured that I would a larger ornament out of two. This added more impact and less awkward.


All you need is a metal hook and you’re set!


In my search for a tree-skirt, I found a lot of tacky looking options and this old wool blanket was kicking around and figured that it added a little Canadiana to our tree.


Although my theme of my tree is a gold, green and white, you can’t go without having Santa somewhere.


The finished product! I love how it lights up our living room. Having a tree really helps bring that Christmas magic to life.


I’m dreaming of a…

Yay – the first snowfall of the year! Although it didn’t last, it brought along a little magic. I’m getting excited for holidays and all the cheer they bring. Following suit of the snow, I’ve pulled together some things that I’m hoping that will help make my Christmas a little brighter. This time of year can get a little cluttered with decorations, glitter and colours and this year more than ever, I’m striving for simplicity with my holiday decorating.

White Christmas

1 – White Christmas Tree – Oh, how I would love to have one in our loft but Andrew hates them and isn’t willing to budge on the standard green tree.
2 – Gold Star – Because well, every household should have one whether it’s hung from the ceiling or sitting on top of your tree.
3 – Animal Ornaments – I just love them on the tree, I think they add so much character and are just so cute. I started a collection last year and will be continuing with that theme this year.
4 – Agate Coasters – So they aren’t overly Christmasy BUT are the perfect gift, am I right?
5 – Frends Headphones – So glam, I love the rose gold.
6 – Penguin Snow globe – Snow globes remind me of my childhood when my Dad would purchase a new one for me each year and we would display them around the house.
7 – Coupe Glasses – Champagne shouldn’t be served in any other glass.
8 – White Velvet Ribbon – For wrapping those presents that require that little something extra.
9 – Feu de Bois Scented Candle – Since I don’t have a fireplace, I need to get that scent from somewhere!
10 – Lion Head Cookie Jar – He just holds your cookies like a boss and who wouldn’t want one on their counter?

How are you decorating your home this year?