Another Christmas has gone by just like that! This year was the first time Andrew and I blended our two families to celebrate and it was great and much preferred over the 5 hours drive between families! After Christmas, we made minimal plans and it’s so far been one of the most chill and relaxing holidays. I’ve made a list of to-dos to check off during the break. You know, those things like organizing that junk drawer that is now much more like a bottomless pit? In the meantime –  I wanted to share some snaps that I took over the past week.

DSC_0045 My Grams’ empire cookies – these are my favourite of her seasonal baking and think I need to attempt the recipe next year.

photo (1) Some cCustomized wrapping paper for our nephew Jack.

DSC_0057 Finding time for some tea – gifts from our family back in Australia.

DSC_0048 This outfit on repeat – these cashmere sweatpants are a god sent during the holidays.

DSC_0062 The annual tradition of a puzzle – we picked up this one in NYC last New Years.

DSC_0069 A fun Boxing Day shopping purchase that is quite fitting for an upcoming trip to Hawaii