I like to try and keep this blog free of whiney posts. The “oh I’ve been a bad blogger – sorry!” or “life has just been too busy lately” type. No one likes to read those, right? I generally turn to blogs to be inspired or motivated or simply to look at pretty pictures so I try and churn that our here in my little corner of the internet. But then there’s reality, and what happens in my reality at the moment is wonderful yet complicated to get that work done. I’m not sad about this nor upset really, I’m actually very happy at this point in my life. Maybe the happiest?

Stella is growing day by day and I’m choosing to sit down on her level and fully engage with her so that I can cherish these fleeting moments versus propping her up with some toys and turning to my screen. Sure, I could do my blogging in the evening but that doesn’t fit well with working on my relationship with my husband and attempting to be “offline” to connect. As well as trying to get to bed at a decent hour (is always a struggle for me, even before motherhood). I think of bloggers that I consistently follow and wonder to myself how the hell they can do it and the only thing I can think of is that they have help. Blogs are no longer what they used to be! They’re companies, they’re professional and they can be a ton of work. So I just imagine that would make it easier to maintain while trying balance things.

And then there’s work (Elsie and Kel Design, what! what!!!) – I’m so happy to be working for myself but it is another layer on top of these new motherhood duties. I’m so lucky to be working with the most understanding and flexible (in terms of timing, not the splits, but wait – I’ve never asked her, maybe she can do the splits?) person EVER and everyday thank my stars that when I text and say that “she’s still not up from her nap!” she’s cool with it and somehow understands. I’d like to say I’d be the same for her if the situation was switched yet there’s just something about Laura that makes her effortlessly compassionate that sadly, I feel I lack.

I check the stats of my blog and am so happy to have continued a following with friends and family and smile when I can see people checking in and hope they aren’t sadly disappointed when the old post from a couple weeks ago is still up there looking washed up and over read. So, I guess this is just a quick note to say that I’m still here! I’m happy and I’ll be back, but my blogger status at the point is a little spotty but that’s ok because my reality, it’s looking pretty damn good.