Benjamin Moore

Colour Crush :: Moss Green


All imagery via Pinterest

Most days, I live in a pretty neutral world, specifically when it comes to designing for myself but lately, this colour has popped up in my life online and IRL and I’m slightly obsessed. It’s a bit dark, a bit moody and totally rich. I first came across Hunted Interior’s bathroom reno and from then on, it was a bit of a love affair! It’s also very suitable to this time of year when I’m drawn to more cozy spaces versus light and bright. I’ve yet to do our master bedroom so perhaps that is where I can inject some of this great colour?


DIY – Chalkboard Door

I’ve expressed my love for our previous chalkboard door here so once we moved into our loft I was excited about our next chalk “space” if you will. The back of our front door seemed like a natural place for it and even though I know you aren’t supposed to paint over wood – we went for it! Painting chalkboard is really easy, just the same as regular paint BUT in case you were looking to do the back of your front door too, I show you how I did mine.


1. Supplies – I used Benjamin Moore’s Latex Chalkboard Paint and other than that you just need painter’s tape, a paint roller, paint tray and sanding block.


2. Tape your perimeter – Since we were doing the backside of our door, it was easy to create a border with tape.


3. Prepare your surface – I simply wiped down the door of any dust or sticky substances. Then you need to allow it to dry and sand down the existing shine or coating.


4. Paint away – Leaving the border of the door for a smaller paint brush so I could be more precise, fill in the centre of your door with your handy paint roller.


5. Keep painting – The paint doesn’t take too long to dry so I did two coats to make a more stark black.


6. Have fun with it! I love having the chalkboard because there really is the potential to do anything! The weirder the better.


7. Leave space for guests – I was sure not to add too much as we are having some guests on the weekend and I wanted to leave a room for the love notes we tend to get.

Happy Painting!