January Vibes

This past week and couple of days here in Toronto have been, in a word, bleak. It’s been foggy, damp and gray but I’m not letting it cramp my style. It feels like just this weekend we were able to catch up on some sleep and our household, feeling a little behind but slowly catching up on 2017. Am I the only one who apparently needs the month of January to get back into the swing of things? Spring is certainly on my mind (yet still realistically far away) however that doesn’t stop me from day dreaming of lighter shades and lighter layers. Below are a couple of items that are vibing with me this month.

one. // two. // three. // four. // five. // six. // seven. // eight. // nine. // ten. // eleven. // twelve. // thirteen. // fourteen.


Home for the Holidays

Christmas season is upon us and this year more than ever, it has really seemed to sneak up on me – considering it’s been a busy last couple of weeks ushering Miss Stella into the world, I’m now ready to fully embrace the holiday. Typically our holidays often include travel of some sort but this year we are staying put and im more excited than ever to deck the halls considering this will be our first Christmas in this home. My holiday decor in year’s past has generally been the same mish-mash of whatever I have on hand and a collection of year’s past decor. This ranges greatly from a dancing, piano playing Snoopy that my Grams gave me while I was in University to some more current sparkly votives. This year, I’m trying to streamline my approach and move forward with more of a theme. The problem is, I can’t decide what direction I want to go in – I’m always temped by things shiny and new and I’m thoroughly enjoying this moment blush is having over the holidays however the other half of me is a traditionalist and can’t get away from the plaid. I’ve rounded up pretty decor in both themes and am now considering is a collaboration between the two – that can happen, yes? Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

christmas_decor_trad 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11


September Vibes


It’s mid September! As I’ve previously mentioned, it’s become one of my favourite months with our one-year anniversary coming up. It’s also the combination of the summer/fall temperatures which as you know is the best for outfits. I don’t know about you, but last Sunday felt like a real “Sunday”. It was rainy and I was so pleased to hang in with A and just chill out (read: he watches football while I occupy myself with something else) while knocking off some things on our to-do list around our home. The cooler temps brought out layers and I wasn’t even mad (even though the temp has since risen – still not mad!).

I’ve put together some items I’ve got my eyeballs this month. Although I wish I had endless budget to actually purchase these items – that’s simply not reality. It’s still fun to curate and add them to my life-long wishlist.

ONE – You know how I host my annual clothing swap? Well this year I got rid of a couple of flannel/checkered shirts and am now regretting it. It’s true yet the colour combos I rid myself of weren’t as cute at this one from Madewell. AND it’s currently on sale and they’ve updated their online site to include CAD pricing which to be honest is a bit of a bummer lol.

TWO – Just love these planters. I’ve been shopping around a lot lately for some planters for my succulents and surprisingly they are really pricey! So I was super pleased to find these for a decent price.

THREE – Obsessed with rugs! It’s become a bit of a problem… I’ve gone from one extreme to another. I had like zero rugs at the beginning of summer and now I want all the rugs. Wish I had some extra floor space for this guy.

FOUR – Oh and another current obsession – this pillow and just pillows in general. The great part is that their covers are easily stored so it’s not THAT inconvenient to want 20 different kinds.

FIVE – Really into this wool look – I’m seeing it everywhere for fall and it’s great. It’s pretty perfect in this blazer. Such a classic.

SIX – Another awesome thing about Fall is the booties!! Love the kilt on these.

SEVEN – Funny how a Chloe bag always makes it into my vibes – sensing something here?!

EIGHT – Loving Woodlot’s candles for their woodsy scents for fall! Also – made in Canada – win, win!

NINE – Since i’m needed to carry around a tape measure now, why not choose a pretty looking one like this one.


This Week

This week has really shown it’s best in regards to the weather. Double digits and I even bared my legs one day (it may have been a little early and I may have had to switch to pants closer to the evening but regardless, it felt great!) This weekend we are starting to consider which project to tackle in our home first for our first-ever mini home reno – exciting stuff! I’ll be sure to keep you a breast of what’s to come – enjoy your weekend!

DSC_0003 Getting a little British up in here with the framed Corgie in anticipation for our coming trip in June.
DSC_0005 Some new necklaces from Stella&Dot – especially love the initials bar and it literally shipped within two days
DSC_0004 Saying goodbye to this old friend. It’s been around since second year University and I’m excited for using a new Macbook that won’t lead me to rage when having more than one window open – it’s been a gem while it’s lasted and in all honesty – I prefer the white to any of the other macbook colours.

DSC_0003 I’m normally a lover of the classic colouring for the Panama Hat however this blue one caught my eye.

DSC_0005 “Borrowing” some records from the rents. I still need to get a turn table and oddly enough – today is Record Store Day! Get out there and support your local shops.



Did you watch the Oscars last night? There were some great dresses, jewels and speeches and even though I’m not normally a *huge* fan of awards shows, I felt that this year more than previous they were more interesting. Loving the fact that they got rid of the mani-cam and props to the ladies who encouraged the motion behind #askhermore. This weekend was a snowy one and Andrew and I attempted a mini-marathon of best picture films. Below are a couple snacks of things that made me happy over the past week.

DSC_0013  :: Some new fringe to add to the new wardrobe! ::
DSC_2005 :: A simple yet tasty pasta – rigatoni with roasted garlic, tomatoes and capers with pesto ::

:: A new leaf in on my fiddle fig plant – I thought this guy was a goner, happy it’s going to be around a little while longer ::

DSC_0005 :: Some double date night details {Earrings + Camisole} :

DSC_0012 :: Bringing back the crepes into our Sunday brunch schedule ::


Love Day


It’s almost Valentine’s Day! This year more than ever will be super special because my best friend is getting married on Valentine’s Day. For some, this holiday is silly and pointless and for others it’s a time of year to show your love and affection to your partner in life. Whether you exchange gifts or not, I’m sure your love bug wouldn’t mind if you surprised them with something sweet.

Gifts for Him: 

1. iPhone case // 2. Shirt // 3. Heart Printed Boxers // 4. Floral Tie // 5. Whisky Stones // 6. FM Radio // 7. Key Fob // 8. Watch // 9. Vintage Chess Set

Gifts for Her:

1. Pearl Pen // 2. Cute coin purse 3. Coin Necklace (psst…did you know that Indigo is sharing Jenny Bird pieces online?!) // 4. Jewelry Stand  // 5. Sheer lip // 6. Eye Mask // 7. Pretty little panties // 8. Monogrammed Pinky Signet // 9. Lip Balm


Scents of the season


Well, I’m talking about candles, yet again! But I just can’t stop. I love them and especially during this time of year since there are so many new, wintery and Holiday scents to choose from. I’ve listed out my faves (some are holiday, some are not). Perfect for any last minute gifts that on are on your list – we’re almost 1 week away!

1. Dyptique Feu de Bois – When you don’t have fireplace but love the scent of burning wood. I have this on my Christmas list every year yet it always seems to sell out before I get to it.
2. Winter White Cranberry – Cranberries just have a connection with Christmas time, doesn’t it.
3. Capri Blue Jar Candle – To be completely honest, I don’t know if this scent has a Christmasy feeling to it at all but the jar sure does!
4. Large Tin Candle – Gilded Amber Leaf – On sale! And the perfect little decoration detail to add to your coffee table.
5. Illume Demie Marnie Candle – I mostly just love the jar on this one.
6. Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey – This is actually my summer perfume but is like a breath of fresh air when your house may be full of house guests, luggage, winter accessories etc.