Oh,  the old closet switch up. I dread it ever Fall and every Spring yet it’s super necessary. My Spring cleaning this year seems to be taking much longer than normal! Considering for the past couple of years, we were only dealing with a small apartment versus a home, we’re quickly learning with a front and back yard, the work piles up (and who wants to be all work, work, work on the weekends?) so needless to say I’m still working on things. We still have a couple of days until it’s officially summer so we good, right?

When A and I moved into our home, the size of the closet in our master bedroom was laughable. Even though we knew that the master wouldn’t be our focus for a bit we knew we had to do something about the closet space in order to live. We worked with a millworker who I’ve used before with work and created a custom closet with drawers. I’ll share more about this when I share (hopefully not in two years?) our final master bedroom.

I’m happy to report that the size of my wardrobe inventory is slowly getting smaller. It’s been a real work in progress. I know I’ve mentioned it before here after eliminating my “office attire” has really allowed me to focus on clothing that is fully me which makes my heart happy. That being said – I have NO idea how I let our closet get to the state that it was at.


Simply disorganized, dry cleaning bags and worse, DRY CLEANING HANGARS (MY NEMESIS).

In case you are tackling your own closet, here my steps to making it a more enjoyable, clean and organized space.


Sounds super silly however sometimes I’ll start a task and realize I need a ton of things to complete it properly. Luckily, I had a little inspiration from Marie Kondo’s second book on living life clutter-free. Bags to purge items into, fresh hangars, thank gawd and lastly proper cleaning supplies.


This gives you the opportunity to find things that have been hidden or tucked in a corner over the past winter and then only put things that you actually love and or bring your joy back into your closet. Sometimes I like to remove things that I’m even questioning and hide them and see if I ever go looking for them. If I don’t, I ditch them next season.


I love a nice smelling space no matter what and the hanging scented oval from Diptyque does just that. I love it when you pull out a blouse or a jacket and it’s lightly scented. Heaven!


It’s almost odd to think that the interior of your closet may accumulate dirt and dust yet, I found plenty! Even though it was a newly built one, those dust bunnies found their way in! I love the ease of working with Clorox disinfectant wipes.

Bye, bye dry cleaner hangars!


So – it’s not perfect, but it’s much easier to navigate and find things!


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