It’s mid September! As I’ve previously mentioned, it’s become one of my favourite months with our one-year anniversary coming up. It’s also the combination of the summer/fall temperatures which as you know is the best for outfits. I don’t know about you, but last Sunday felt like a real “Sunday”. It was rainy and I was so pleased to hang in with A and just chill out (read: he watches football while I occupy myself with something else) while knocking off some things on our to-do list around our home. The cooler temps brought out layers and I wasn’t even mad (even though the temp has since risen – still not mad!).

I’ve put together some items I’ve got my eyeballs this month. Although I wish I had endless budget to actually purchase these items – that’s simply not reality. It’s still fun to curate and add them to my life-long wishlist.

ONE – You know how I host my annual clothing swap? Well this year I got rid of a couple of flannel/checkered shirts and am now regretting it. It’s true yet the colour combos I rid myself of weren’t as cute at this one from Madewell. AND it’s currently on sale and they’ve updated their online site to include CAD pricing which to be honest is a bit of a bummer lol.

TWO – Just love these planters. I’ve been shopping around a lot lately for some planters for my succulents and surprisingly they are really pricey! So I was super pleased to find these for a decent price.

THREE – Obsessed with rugs! It’s become a bit of a problem… I’ve gone from one extreme to another. I had like zero rugs at the beginning of summer and now I want all the rugs. Wish I had some extra floor space for this guy.

FOUR – Oh and another current obsession – this pillow and just pillows in general. The great part is that their covers are easily stored so it’s not THAT inconvenient to want 20 different kinds.

FIVE – Really into this wool look – I’m seeing it everywhere for fall and it’s great. It’s pretty perfect in this blazer. Such a classic.

SIX – Another awesome thing about Fall is the booties!! Love the kilt on these.

SEVEN – Funny how a Chloe bag always makes it into my vibes – sensing something here?!

EIGHT – Loving Woodlot’s candles for their woodsy scents for fall! Also – made in Canada – win, win!

NINE – Since i’m needed to carry around a tape measure now, why not choose a pretty looking one like this one.


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