I thought long and hard about whether or not to write this post. Part of me wanted to resume blogging about the various topics I blog about as per usual but a larger part of me wanted to share some thoughts. I find there’s a fine line between keeping personal struggles personal and not posting something on social media however it just felt right to share since I learned so many great things from him. Last weekend, our family suffered a serious blow and we lost one of the most loving men around – my uncle J.B. He was such a unique and special person and will be missed by all that knew him. It’s been really hard to move on since his passing since he was taken so suddenly and much to soon. Image0011

Similar to the song that played at his celebration of life, he has now encouraged me more than ever to live my life to fullest every day just the way he had. He was the one who brought me to the west coast of Canada with my best friend Amy. He was a gracious host bringing us to all of his favourite places including the hike (pictured here) up to the Tea House in Lake Louise.

It was such a special trip that I will never forget and will continue to take throughout my life. I was so lucky to be his god daughter (we aren’t even religious!) but he was extra special and treated me so. He was really more like a big brother to my brothers and I. Always getting us going right before bed, allowing our first sips of beer a little early and getting us out of chores at home. He’s also been and will remain to be an inspiration. He’s inspired me to be a better person and live each day like it’s my last. He’s inspired me to keep in touch with friends and family even more than I already do. He’s inspired me to be more spontaneous in life and not stress about the little details. He’s inspired me to work harder for my goals in life and above all, he’s inspired me to put others before myself.


Uncle J.B – gone but never forgotten.


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