Holy smokes it’s July! Almost the middle of July. This summer is breezing by and I’m slightly freaking out. The precious days and warm nights are coming to pass too quickly and the exciting day at the end of the run is also coming oh-so quickly.  Since this realization – I’m trying a new approach to my weeks – I can’t always see all of my friends, have a clean home, work out, work my job, blog AND be relaxed all at the same time so I’m saying “no” to some things. We’ll just see how this goes. If my memory serves me correctly – I’ve attempted this before.

A good solution to this, sometimes overwhelming feeling, is to combine things such as working out and commuting which leads me to – biking!

I *wish* I was one of those full-time bikers, you know the ones. The ones who, with ease, hop on (no matter what they are wearing) and arrive at their destination unscathed, not even sweaty and most importantly, safely. Point blank, biking stresses me out! I’m constantly tense when on the roads (like watching a scary movie) and competing with cars isn’t for me. I have a bike but only take it for leisurely rides along a nice wide bike path. It’s so cool, inexpensive, eco-friendly and can be summer’s hottest accessory so I’m working on it. Clearly I’m working on a lot of things these days.

IF I were a full-time biker – I would ride a Martone bike and lucky for us, this NYC sweet ride is available for a limited time at The Bay (until August 10, 2014).  Available in a variety of colours including black, white, gold, silver, orange, blue, grey matte and their most popular and signature colour, red. These road beauties are pretty and cost a pretty penny, the women’s bikes retail for $1560. If I could chose, I would go for the red bike and always wear leopard, just like that mannequin, just cause.

Martone xx


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