Hello Wednesday! Warning – this post is really long but there’s been so much work put into this little nursery, I felt the need. This week marks 37 weeks pregnant, and it’s suffice to say, I’m trying to keep my cool but also simultaneously freaking out and trying to get this nursery in order before her arrival. Luckily, this past weekend we made some major progress and it’s feeling like we’re getting there (at the same time feeling like we still have a ways to go!). It was unlike any other room we’ve done in the past. We did some work in our little loft yet nothing that removed baseboards and existing flooring etc so I think it’s safe to say that this was our largest DIY project yet. If you don’t recall – you can check our my inspiration for this room here.

So, here is where we started – please don’t hate on the ugly pictures… it was hard to photograph it in a chic or nice way but it’s also important to share the reality, right?


So this room was a bit random and was even a bit of a gamble when we purchased our home. It’s basically like a tandem third bedroom off of a proper second bedroom but it offered lots of light which we loved. Three windows to be exact. The size of a room is roughly 10×10 which was sufficient space for a babe however there’s no door which again, is a bit odd but we took our chances.


You can see the awful carpet that was here when we took possession. I didn’t really realize how bad it was until we moved in (sometimes when you’re viewing a home with rose coloured glasses things tend to slip through the inspection cracks). We deemed it unfit for a nursery since it had it’s fair share of stains etc that seemed permanent.


:: Another glam shot of the space ::


:: Mackie’s bum! ::

Here you can see the entryway (with no door) and the little glass window that views out to the second bedroom. Also – another fun fact about this room is that there is no ceiling light but it has two wall sconces (not the most fun since I love a good lighting mix, the more lighting the better).



:: Here is where we thought we had struck gold! Peeling back the layers ::

img_2176 img_2175

:: AND THEN, we found hardwood! YAY! But don’t get so excited ::


Because it turned out to be unsalvageable! Sad news bears but we came up with a great solution – when in doubt, paint it white, right? Also props to my hubby A and my pops T for helping with this major DIY project.


Just needed to fill some of those holes in with some putty and move on!

img_2432 I’m sure this is making some people cringe (painting wood white) but I was super happy with the decision that also happened to be the least expensive option!

We used a recommended floor paint that is a little thicker than your wall paint and had a very slight gloss to it.  img_2440-1 img_2441 img_2491

This is not our final rug situation but this little number I brought back from Morocco made the cut into the nursery (yay!). Also, lets not talk about how my other rug for this space is currently in Ohio (it’s getting sorted, or that is what they are telling me).


Now for the fun part, the walls! I knew I had wanted something SUPER off-white but almost white, you know what I mean? Those are typically the hardest to decide upon because the smallest amount of variance in colour could change EVERYTHING. So I went a little nuts with the amount of samples I tried. img_2439

If you follow me on Snapchat, you may have seen that we opted for the bottom left! It’s Benjamin Moore Opal OC – 73. It’s exactly what was I searching for and I couldn’t be happier with how the walls turned out.

In other exciting wall news, I’ve partnered with Metrie Interior Mouldings and Finishings  to really bring this nursery to the next level. I’ve always LOVED the look of mouldings on walls from the quarter round right up to the crown and it just felt right to add these touches to this babe-to-be’s space. Having baby-mooned in France, the country which just has the prettiest, sophisticated spaces I was inspired by their French Curves collection. Since it was still a small space, I didn’t want to over do it with the sizing and the amount of mouldings but I’m so happy with what we went for.


So we did things a little backwards, being our first-time installing moulding and all but we were a little eager and painted our walls before our applied mouldings was installed so take note if you are planning on doing this in your future spaces – don’t paint before they are installed! In retrospective this was such a rookie mistake but what can I say? Since this house is really old (built in 1909) our walls were a little wonky, ceilings and floor uneven so we came across quite a bit of gapping happening but nothing that a little wood putty couldn’t help with. Once we filled those little gaps, it really helped bring the whole vision together.

dsc_0040 dsc_0039 dsc_0038 img_2761

I CAN’T WAIT to complete this space and share the final before and after photos. It feels so great even having the painted and finished with mouldings.


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