To say that I’m pumped to be finally start putting some decor plans into action for our baby-to-be’s nursery is an understatement. Leading up to this point has been a long time coming – we kept holding off an anything major before we moved and now that we’re in our home it’s time to kick things into high gear (and I’m feeling like we almost have no time left!). It’s important to remember (as I’m told) that as a newborn, they don’t need a full, proper, completed nursery, SO I’m trying not to get too freaked out by our timeline but it’s also hard not to. People also told me “you could move with a newborn” when we were searching for a home and I could not have imagined doing what we just did with a little one around. Since we know the gender of our babe, I wanted to have a hint of femininity yet not overkill while still keeping things pretty neutral. I have a bunch of decor items that I’m repurposing in her space which is helpful and great but below is some inspiration as to the direction we are going.

Inspiration //


Love the longer, airy drapery. I never would have thought that I would enjoy Restoration Hardware’s baby vibe but I do enjoy most of what they have to offer.


Christine Dovey just slays every room she takes on and I’ve always loved this image. Includes the animals and somehow these animals are simply more chic? Oh and the dark lighting, LOVE. Our nursery sadly doesn’t have a ceiling light but instead has three lovely little windows and two wall sconces so we’ll work with what we’re given.

Direction //  HerNursery

First things – I’m trying to teach myself photoshop and it is SO HARD. I feel like a grandma taking her turn on a laptop so this little round up I created above here took me WAY too long but hopefully with a little practice, I’ll figure it out.

Oh and remember that instagram post I had shared where I was so super excited about the hardwood we discovered? Well, sadly this past weekend when ripping up the remaining of the vinyl flooring, we discovered they are unsalvageable so we’re putting down new hardwood which slightly makes me sad but anything will be better than the carpet that previously existed there. So voila! Can’t wait to share our progress as we get moving…


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