I am so excited to finally be leaving for our French holiday today and hellooooo August! It felt like it took forever to get here while at the same time, the trip has arrived so suddenly and out of the blue. I spent this past long weekend relaxing, visiting Prince Edward County with my girlfriends and preparing for the trip. Mostly running errands, you know, doing the things you do before you leave for a vacation and it was so very nice to have the holiday Monday for some extra time to spend with Mackie before we leave him. He totally knows we are leaving and it’s the worst. He would look so good in France though, it’s too bad he can’t join us!!

As I’ve mentioned many, many times before, I’m the worst packer but with each trip I try to pack less and less while being more strategic. This time around, I’m not bringing the largest suitcase I own, because we all know what happens there – you just fill it. So I’ve packed with a mid size (in my opinion) with a large amount with neutrals. Since I’m also 6 months pregnant, I have less options to work with (boo!) but this has actually made packing light easier. Also, I’m not really too nervous to forget something since we’re travelling to a very stylish city that I’m sure isn’t too shabby to shop in either.


4 paris of shoes may be the lightest I’ve ever travelled with! Sneaks, of course, I mean who doesn’t travel with a pair these days? I left my white superstars at home because every girl in the world is rocking the white sneak trend so I wanted to switch it up.

Strappy flat sandals to pair with a dress for daytime or night – kept it neutral to go with multiple options.

Beach appropriate flats for our day trips from the villa! These were so cheap and cheerful I wouldn’t even mind if they were to be left behind.

Versatile flats that will translate into evening and could be my “fancier” option.


People say to travel with neutrals when you’re trying to make more with less and although that may seem like an obvious statement I never really consciously did this until recently.

Rolling Another tried and true tip that really allows you to pack in more.


Packing helper, Mackie.


Et voila! I’m off with a smaller suitcase that Andrew and that has NEVER happened before.


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