Not going to lie, February is a good month to hibernate. We have had some wonderful sunshine but not without the bitter -30 weather. So since I’ve been inside a lot lately, I’ve found some things online and watched some great gems on TV that I’m constantly telling my friends about so I figured I would share here:

Transparent-TV-show 1. Transparent – if you haven’t already watched this show – do it now. It’s currently only available to us Canadians on Shomi but it’s totally worth the time to sign up for your free month. It’s a show that follows Jeffrey Tambor (love him) as he is transitioning into a woman full-time and is coming out to his family. His family is messed up (whose isn’t) and is just so entertaining. I love that it’s a real issue (and timely – Bruce Jenner?) and explores a whole different world than mine. Just watch it. Oh and the lead from Now and Then Gabby Hoffmann is in it! (Adam’s sister in GIRLS).

Screen shot 2015-02-19 at 3.11.28 PM

2. The Radiant Child – super interesting. I’m into art but can’t claim to have known Jean-Michel Basquiat before but with his exhibit: Now’s The Time showing at the AGO, I learned there was a documentary about him released in 2010. One of the things I find most interesting actually from this documentary is New York City in the 1980’s – so very different from what it is now and yet it doesn’t seem THAT long ago. I highly recommend you watching and then taking your on-screen Basquiat experience to real life and visit the AGO. Read more about how a site, Artsy is making Basquiat’s art more accessible for all here.

Screen shot 2015-02-19 at 2.42.31 PM

3. New Music – I’ve been following this guy for a while now, almost a full year and I legit look forward to his new monthly playlists. I was especially excited when Spotify came to Canada so I could listen right then and there instead of having to YouTube each song on his playlist

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4. Baking chicken that is not dry – Honestly, I find baking chicken so bloody boring however since I generally turn to the internet to try new things I found this little trick and tried it out and they were right – it was delicious.


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