::Hat, Blazer (old but similar), T-Shirt, Pants, Sneakers::

When doing any form of travelling, I like to be comfortable yet put together. I wish we lived in the era where people used to dress up to travel. Suits and ties and pretty dresses yet now, most people look like they are going to the gym or bed. Yes, lululemon has made some great progress in making work out clothing cool and I love them for that but I don’t understand the woman at the airport with the track and field outfit. When I travel, I like to include a couple of components.
DSC_0012 1. A blazer. They instantly dress up any outfit and are classy in any situation. When travelling to any destination I feel like the temperature constantly changes from hot, to cold so it’s nice to have layers.
DSC_0019 2. Pants – these pants are made from linen so super light-weight and have an elastic waistband. The sales lady recommended that I go a size up so that they are extra comfortable however after looking at these pics I kinda wish I hadn’t but nothing a little time in the dryer can’t fix (can you put linen in the dryer? I’ll google that later).
DSC_0005 3. Closed-toe shoes – I normally want to wear the shoes that take up the most space to leave more room in my checked baggage. These cool-kicks are ultra comfy and go with my neutral wardrobe that I choose to travel with. Yay for the sneak trend!


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