:: Top, Pants (similar), Sunnies, Sandals (similar) ::

Loose and flowy is totally my jam these days. At 21 weeks preggo (also, I am now one of those people that talk in weeks, I’m sorry, I’m sure it’s a little annoying but things do change week to week now!) I’ve fully outgrown any pants with a waistband and have resorted to drawstrings and elastics. As someone who tends to not enjoy tight clothing, I thought I would love being in maternity style but to be honest, I don’t really love it! I had cute rompers and waist cinching summer pieces that I can no longer reach for which really limits things. But, it’s short lived and I’m trying to make the best of it I can. Both of the top and pants I’m wearing weren’t maternity clothing but fit well enough and were comfortable to pair together.  Oh and great news! My hair can be worn wavy again!! Oddly enough, I was finding that when left to its own devices, it would dry in such a way that wasn’t great and I would have to blow out again however after a little wavy spray – she’s back. I’m happy since it’s a super easy and carefree summer look.

IMG_1398 IMG_1390 xx

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