How I love thee! Even more so as our days are shortened by darkness and the temperature¬†dropping. I’m still baffled by how fast time is flying and how we are nearing December.

2014-11-16_23-15-23 But back to Meixco – just a swift 3 and a bit hour plane ride away and full of sunshine, colour and culture. Andrew and I were lucky enough to jet off for a quick 5 day trip. I’m sharing some quick snaps from our time in Riveria Maya, Mexico. To be completely honest, our trip didn’t consist of much more than napping, reading, beaching, eating and drinking – pretty much what we like to do on all vacations, but I realize that it’s not for everyone. I’ve been to mexico a couple of times (including my grade 12 graduation trip which was a very different trip) and this resort has been my favourite place! It wasn’t far from either Cancun or Playa de Carmen not to mention that I absolutely loved the design of hotel. The were always so lovely, served great food and they served up lots of blue sky.

IMG_5832 If I had a house in Mexico, it would definitely be white stucco with a straw roof and sweet landscaping just like this.

IMG_5838 The sun peeking through the little walk ways to and from the different restaurants and the beach.


Every bar should have a swing, non?

IMG_5899 Prints on prints, on prints!

Nothing better than a sunset with palm trees, really, what’s better?


IMG_5853 Sweet little hut on the beach just admiring the colours of the water.
IMG_5889 Cotton Candy coloured sky.


p.s. I totally failed at bringing a carry on. Once I heard that the rest of our party was checking baggage, I was IN!

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