2015-03-10_13-44-48 And just like that it feels proper and right in the world. Can you remember the feeling of the -30 temps now? I know we aren’t out of the thick of it just yet however I am taking off to sunny Florida soon and you best believe I am creating a million and one outfits in my head in anticipation. I’m just excited about leaving the down jackets, scarfs and gloves at home. I’ve also got a couple other items on the brain for this month as well.

1. This print! I’ve been thinking about this print for so long and just need to decide upon how many of them I need or where it will live in our place. I tried watercolour painting last weekend and it was amazing – I loved it! The end goal will to be create some for our home but it’s fun to just play around right now.

2. I’ve purchased these trousers and am obsessed. They are the feel good pants that I cannot wait to wear in Florida! Easily pairable and can be dressed up or down – so pumped.

3. This sculptural guy from Hudsons Bay is just neat – I’ve been working with Lisa lately and she picked something up similar and it’s been catching my since. Considering to add it to the homestead.

4. I mean – how cute is this Flamingo Bottle Stopper? Its so cute and cheeky – it’s the perfect Spring addition to your bar cart.

5. Our next book for our bookclub! I haven’t started it yet but I am excited to dive right in. I’ve never travelled outside of Canada alone (just moved to Banff!) but I feel like there’s a trip inside of me somewhere.

6. No kidding you – during our fam jam walk in Leslieville/Little India on Sunday we stopped in for some butter chicken and saw these stools (or something similar) and I adored them. After flipping through the Spring issue of Domino and spotting them – I knew it was a sign that I need to find space for it in my home. Potentially a DIY? Not sure yet.

7. Ok – Imma gonna be honest – I’m normally a one-piece girl but this two-piece bather is just too cute – I love it and everyone needs goals right? At least the briefs are high-waited am I right?

8. I was super sad when I lost one of my slider sandals last year and was hoping that they would make them again this year! They’ve slightly redone them but with the same ease of slip ons so I’m happy 🙂

9. I’m using oil on my face! Can you believe it? Can you dig it? I’m pleasantly surprised that it absorbs really quickly and doesn’t in the slightest make my skin feel oily. Also – this company is the bomb – all ingredients are 100% organic and the founder even ensures that the women extracting the oil from the Argan seeds are paid a fair wage. Talk about women empowering other women.

10. I remember when I thought these were ugly sunglasses so it’s ok if you think they are too. I came around when J.Crew included them (such a sucker) in their spring style guide. These guys also fold up nice and small to pop in your clutch.

11. Talk about retro – I can just picture these on my friend Sarah who always wears the COOLEST earrings. And for the fair price of $12.95 – whynot?



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