It’s no secret that plaid is one of the most classic trends for fall however, I don’t think we’ve seen it like THIS before have we? Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems that plaid has extended itself beyond it’s traditional hat or scarf. I don’t know about you I can’t get enough of it and am considering my second pair of plaid pants.

1. Plaid iPad Case – Why not bring this trend digital with this fun (and super cost effecient) iPad case?
2. Plaid Sweater – I’ll call this one, splurge plaid. I love how it’s a soft play on the usually stark pattern. It may break the bank but will never go out of style.
3. Two-Tone Plaid Scarf – I couldn’t pass up this scarf. I just love the mix of traditional plaid print and houndstooth (which I know isn’t REALLY a plaid but I would place it in the same family). After ordering it online, I realized how massive it is but made me like it even more. A real, cozy up to kind of scarf.
4. Skirt – LOVE this plaid skirt. Totally reminds me of something I had from Gap Kids or Jacob Jr. Paired with all black everything really brings it next level.
5. Plaid Pants – Gotta love plaid pants. They have some such a long way since only being sported by men on the golf course. I already own a pair but am having a hard time resisting the purchase of a second pair.
6. Houndstooth Pencil – I’ve already attested my love for houndstooth so I won’t start again at the risk of sounding like a broken record BUT this skirt is the perfect staple for fall and I can’t stop pairing with items in my head!


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